Friday, August 1, 2008

Heat, Humidity and the Headaches of Moving

So here we are, in Texas.

For so long it seemed that we had months before we were actually moving. But, the reality of the situation came all too quickly. We have been in Houston for almost 2 weeks now. It is definitely a change from northeast Ohio. The temperature has been in the upper-90s, flirting with triple digits for the last week now. And, with the heat index, it actually HAS been in the 100s. I can handle heat, it's never bothered me. But, this humidity is something else. I wouldn't mind it so much if we had the benefit of being 5 minutes from the Gulf so we could jump in and take a dip. But, we're an hour away. So, we suffer with the humidity and miss out on the benefits of living near a very large body of water. You can't have it all, right?

We left Ohio on Saturday, July 19th around noon. We had some last minute odds and ends to pack into the car, and goodbyes to make to our neighbors and our parents. Unfortunately, our main water valve broke that morning, and we were unable to drain the 75-gallon fish tank. We had been planning on bringing the tank and the fish in the car, but it ended it staying in Ohio. Jason is really upset about this, but is all ready planning on buying another one down here. Luckily, his friend Brian was interested in starting a cichlid tank, and Jason sold him his entire tank, stand, fish, and all the accompaniments for a great price.

After Big Al packed up the car, as he IS the Master Packer, we were on the road. We drove on Interstates all day Saturday, and ended up spending the night in Jackson, Tennessee, about halfway between Nashville and Memphis. I do not recommend staying in Jackson, ever. Not the nicest of towns. Next time we'll know to stay in Memphis. Then on Sunday we were up bright and early, and were on the road by 7 am. We drove on the Interstate through the entire state of Arkansas, until we made it to Texarkana. (Yes, I said Texarkana, we also passed a down called Arkadelphia... Right...) Texarkana, as you can guess, is half in Texas and half in Arkansas, hence the name. Very creative. Once we reached this town, we were forced to take state route 59 the rest of the way, into Houston. It was a VERY long drive. We would be going 70 mph, and then all of a sudden we'd have to go 25 mph, because we were in a little town. We actually passed a town where the population was 131 people. This is the Texas that most people probably don't get to see. We've decided that when we come home for Christmas (we're driving so that we can bring Charlie Brown with us!) that we will sacrifice a longer drive in order to drive solely on Interstates.

We reached Houston around 7 pm on Sunday night. We picked up the keys to our house from the Realtor, and went to have a look. I had actually never seen it before in person. I found it online,we had friends check it out, and Jason got to see it briefly a few weeks earlier when he was in town on business. After looking at the house we went to our hotel. We only slept for a few hours, because we were meeting the movers at 6 am on Monday morning at the house. They wanted to get started as soon as possible, because it gets hot very early here in Houston. They unloaded the truck and were gone within 3 hours. After that we were left with a huge house with lots of boxes and not enough furniture.

This house is enormous! Our house in Cuyahoga Falls was around 1500 sq ft, and this one is over 2400 sq ft. We have a lot more space than we are used to! We decided not to take a lot of our furniture, as we wanted to buy new furniture once we moved down here. So, basically we have an empty house. It looks pretty ridiculous. We have been looking at furniture, and will hopefully start to make purchases in the next few months.

We have found some things damaged in the move all ready. Our new kitchen table has all of the legs broken off of it, two glass bowls of mine were shattered, our lawnmower has a gigantic hole in the oil tank, scratches were found on both our DVD players, 2 pictures in their frames have been ruined, and a few other things. I guess that's a sacrifice you make when moving. Luckily we have insurance and an adjuster is coming out next week to assess the damage.

On Tuesday evening we went to the airport to meet the animals. We had them flown down with the Continental Airlines PetSafe program. My mom was nice enough to take both cats and Charlie to the airport, with the help of my sister's Natalie and Theresa. Everything went smoothly and when we met them at the other end, they were doing all right. We were expecting Toby to have had an accident, but luckily he did fine. We drove them back to the house, and let them explore their new home. They are all adjusting well so far. Although, Charlie has a very hard time with this heat. It doesn't help that he is a brachyphaelic breed and that he's white. He gets overheated very quickly and can't be outside for more than 15 minutes at a time. We hear that Fall down here is cooler, so we are hoping that he'll be able to spend more time outside then.

Jason started his new job on Wednesday, although there hasn't been too much for him to do as of yet. He has been supervising the installation of new cubicles and other office equipment.

This past weekend we went out and explored downtown Houston. It's very nice and they have done a lot to encourage people to come and spend time downtown. There a lots of restaurants, parks, museums and other things to entertain all ages. Also, their Theatre District is absolutely beautiful.

This past Monday, I started my job search. As of today (Friday), I have applied for 15 jobs. Wish me luck in finding one soon! I have school straightened out for the most part,and start on August 25th.

I hope that everybody has a great weekend and enjoys the beautiful weather! (If it's beautiful where you live, that is!) I think we are going to do more exploring; I'm not sure where we'll end up!


  1. Hello Lady, Jason, Star Kitty Templeton, Toby Walnuts, and of course Charlie Brown. Aunt Lady and Uncle Oyster miss you all very much.

  2. A big Texas "Howdy" Y'all!
    Hope you are over the shock the big move and getting settled in. After you get comfortable let me and Patti know so we can plan a welcome visit...after all, you only live 6 hours away now..ha ha. Glad you had a safe trip to Houston.

  3. Remind me NOT to go the route you went....25 on 59?!?! Crap!


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