Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Visiting the "Megaplex"

This past weekend we went up to Dallas to visit our friends Erin and Amanda. The Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington area is known as the "megaplex" to those who live in NE Texas. As Jason and I approached the city from the south, it just seemed so small compared to Houston, that the nickname megaplex just didn't seem to fit. Dallas is a VERY nice city. Erin and Amanda live in a 3rd story apartment in a trendy part of downtown. They are within walking distance to a plethora of restaurants as well as many stores such as Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor Loft, and a variety of local stores as well. A few blocks away is a large neighborhood, that you wouldn't think to find in the city. It's filled with large, multi-million dollars homes on tree-lined streets, complete with fountains and parks. Beautiful.

On our arrival Saturday afternoon we were treated to a tasty lunch of roasted chicken, vegetables and wheat rolls that they picked up from a great local restaurant called Cowboy Chicken. It was extremely hot, so we just hung out at their apartment in the early afternoon. Charlie Brown came with us, so he was glad to just lap up attention and play with his toys. We also received a tour of the city from them. There is a trolley system that services part of the downtown business district and most of the communal areas seemed very well kept. We also drove by the "grassy knoll" where JFK was shot, and saw the building where Lee Harvey Oswald shot him from. In the window where the bullet supposedly came from is a mannekin of somebody holding a gun. (Sidenote: Come on! How could 1 person have shot him, considering the entry points of the bullets!) In the evening we went out to Champps to grab some dinner and to also watch UFC as well as the Olympics.

On Sunday morning we took Charlie Brown on the Katy Trail which runs behind their apartment. It used to be an old railroad track, but they've converted it into a bike and hike trail. After about 15 minutes of walking in the 90 degree heat (at 9:30 am!) we took Charlie back inside. He was exhausted. We then went to grab some breakfast at this great local cafe. The food was fabulous! Amanda and I got french toast that was covered in granola and served with fresh strawberries- Yum! Jason and Erin tried an omelettes, toast with strawberry butter and some oatmeal. After our fill we drove by a local high school football practice field. Apparently Erin has gone there to work out before, as it's open to the public. On the field are large tractor tires that the players use for workout purposes. They "flip" them over, using pretty much every muscle group to do so. Erin has flipped tires before, and Jason wanted to try it out. So, Erin and Jason each took a turn or two flipping over these monster tires. There was a smaller one there that Amanda and I flipped- it was hard! When we got back to their apartment we changed into our swimsuits and went to take a dip in their garden pool. It was refreshing and relaxing to spend time in the water talking and catching up with them.

The boys decided in the pool that they wanted to go back to the school yard and flip some more tires so that they could get a workout in. Apparently, this is some type of "Strong Man Event" (As seen on ESPN..) and so they obviously need to master it! Amanda and I stayed at the pool for a bit longer, then headed back to the apartment to change and await the arrival of our Strong Men. They came back tired and sweaty! We had to pack up soon after that and head on home. It's about a 4-hour drive so we didn't want to leave too late!

On the way home Jason filled me in on something he and Erin would like to do. Apparently we are going to be purchasing a few acres in Centerville (see previous blog) so that they can train for their own Strong Man Competition. Riiiight.......

All in all we had a great weekend and are looking forward to spending more time with them. We are planning on meeting up with them in San Antonio over Labor Day weekend, and I know it will be a great time.

Also, last Friday I had a job interview at Briarcrest Veterinary Clinic for a receptionist position. About 10 minutes after I left the interview I received a phone call from them offering me the job. I started this past Tuesday and it seems like a great place to work so far. Dr. White has been practicing for 36 years and has been in the same location for the past 32. He has an extremely loyal customer base. The Clinic serves cats and dogs as well as exotic animals. They also function as a rescue and find homes for cats, dogs, turtles, reptiles, whatever! There are 8 cats, 4 amazon parrots and 1 pit bull that call the Clinic their home. Some of these cats have problems and would have been euthanized if they had not found Dr. White's clinic. One is autistic, another has feline HIV, and we also have a little guy that is paralyzed from the waist down, but zooms around on his butt and front paws like it's nothing! The animals roam around all day and it's not uncommon for them to be on the counter, walking on your keyboard, or rubbing at your heels. I love being around the animals, and working in a fast-paced environment. It's a busy practice and so far I have found that the time just flies by! I definitely see this as somewhere I will be working at until I am done with school. I love animals, and I hope that one day Jason and I will be able to open up our home (with acreage!) to all animals in need of foster care before finding their forever homes.

Enjoy the rest of your week! :)

P.S. I included a picture of Charlie Brown because I'm sure many of you (his Nana!) miss seeing his cute puppy face!

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  1. Yes, Nana does miss Charlie
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