Friday, July 24, 2009

A long time coming....

Wow! It has been an incredibly long time since there has been a posting on this site! I really thought I would write frequently, reporting on all of the things we were up to down here. Unfortunately, school took its toll on me. Along with working full-time and going to class full-time in the evenings, then coming home and studying, there really wasn't much time for me to write. I am hopefully going to be able to begin writing more, as things in our lives start to change.
So far we are really enjoying our summer. We have no vacations in sight, but have been fortunate to have some friends and family from Ohio down to visit. Our friend Gregg from Cincinnati came down for a few days to visit. He and Jason had a wonderful time down in Galveston fishing and swimming in the warm Gulf water, and we were also able to take him out for some delicious seafood at the Kemah Boardwalk. Jason's brother and parents came to visit us a second time at the end of May/beginning of June as well. We were able to make a trip three hours west to San Antonio, and spent a day floating down the Guadalupe River. Our friends Erin and Amanda from Dallas met us there for the weekend. My sister Elizabeth and her husband Aaron came to visit in March. We toured the gorgeous Coastal Living Idea Home on the coast in Galveston and also spent an evening riding the rides at the Kemah Boardwalk We also treated ourselves to our favorite seafood restaurant, Landry's. Next weekend our friend Todd from Toledo is coming down, and we plan on meeting Erin and Amanda again, this time in New Braunfels for another trip down the Guadalupe River!
So far summer has been very hot! The temps have all been above average and there was one whole week in June where the weather managed to break records every single day! We were without rain for more than two months, and have recently been blessed with a good soaking from Mother Nature. Needless to say our yard looks rather crispy, but hopefully we'll get our green grass back!
We are planning on moving out of our big house in Copperfield and into something a little smaller and hopefully cheaper. We've been looking and there are a lot of options out there, it's just a matter of finding the right place. Our friend Holly has been living with us since March and she will probably be staying with us until this coming February. It's been great having her here, and I'm glad that she will be making the move to a new place with us.
All of our furry children are doing well. Both Flippy and Toby Walnuts have been put on diets by their Vet. These two little boys need to lose some weight, and hopefully their new prescription diets will do the trick! Unfortunatley for Charlie Brown, the hot weather has really cut down on his outdoor playtime. After about 5 minutes of being outside our big Boxer boy is drooling, sweaty and panting for breath. I am waiting for the fall so that we can spend more time outside and go on our long walks again.
Overall, everything has been going well for us. I took off classes for this summer, as I will begin my harder Business classes this coming fall. I figured I deserved one more semester off before I took on the big guns. Jason is enjoying his new job and has really hit it off with his co-workers down here. We have both been blessed with some great friends and we are happy to have them in our lives, as we are so far away from our family back home.
Have a great weekend everyone!


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