Saturday, August 29, 2009

The end of August

I can't believe that August is almost over! If we were up in Ohio, the nights would be cooler, we would have a bonfire going in the backyard, the air conditioners would be taken out of the windows and everybody would start to put away their summer clothes. Here in Houston that is not the case! It is still pretty darn hot down here, with temps in the 90s everyday. For Houstonians, August means one thing: football! The high schoolers start practicing pretty early before their season starts, and all people can talk about is if the Texans will make the playoffs this year. This summer weather will last well into October, with temperatures still in the 70s and 80s for most of the month. It's a beautiful time of year down here, and I am looking forward to it!
Jason and I have been pretty busy lately. As most of you know, we bought a house down here and are closing on September 14th. We have been sorting our things into piles: trash, goodwill, andto keep. The house we are moving into is the same square footage as our house in the Falls, but without a basement or an attic. So, we have to do some major spring cleaning before we move! Our landlords just put our rental house back on the market, so we cleaned the house top to bottom this past week and today, with the help of Holly, we re-landscaped the front yard! Luckily the local garden center was having a 70% off sale and we were able to purchase quite a bit without spending too much money.
I started school last week, and it has been a nice change. I love being in school and learning new things. This semester I am taking Managerial Accounting, an Accounting Lab and Calculus. It should be a challenging, yet rewarding semester. I feel that when I am in school time really flies!
We have been lucky to do a little exploring of the area this summer. We went to Bayou Bend a few weekends ago. It is a large house and gardens right in the heart of downtown. We did not tour the house, but opted to tour the gardens instead to get some ideas for our new home. Unfortunately, not much was in bloom, but it was still nice to be in nature and to getaway from the "concrete jungle" feeling Houston that projects. The pictures I posted with this blog are some that we took at Bayou Bend.
Hopefully if we are not too tired we will take a little drive down to the Gulf tomorrow. There is a town 2 hours south of here called Surfside Beach that we have been meaning to visit. Our neighbors Heath, Katy and Nolan from the Falls have a family beach house down there and always tell us how beautiful it is! If all goes well, tomorrow will be a day of more exploring, sun, and fun! :)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

New and Improved!

Since I have decided to make more of an effort to update our blog, I thought I'd revamp it a little bit! I'm not too blog savvy, so I'm sure there is a lot more I can do to make it "pop", but this is good enough for now! Our friend Todd is in town, and he and Jason joined a large group from Dallas to go tubing down the Guadalupe River today. I was supposed to be going, and even made plans to have the day off of work to join in the festivities, but I was not feeling very well this morning. I made the decision to stay at home, instead of going with the gang to float down the river. They were also planning on spending a night bar hopping in Austin. And I was definitely not up for that! It will probably be the last time we would've gone this summer, so I'll just have to wait until next year!
I laid low for most of the morning and by the afternoon I was feeling great! I hopped in the shower and decided to treat Charlie Brown and Flippy to a good time at the dog park. After gathering all of their things together: towels, shampoo, leashes, treats, water, waterbowl, etc. I got them into the car and off we went. It's like having children I tell ya!
They were so excited once we got to the park. There are two separate parks: one for small dogs under 20 pounds and another for the bigger pups. Since I was by myself I opted to take both dogs into the park for the bigger dogs. After all, Flippy thinks he weighs 100 pounds! Charlie bolted off as soon as we got into the park, but Flippy was a little timid and decided to stay very close to mommy the whole time. Charlie had a blast! He greeted every human and dog in sight and was bounding around with all the energy in the world! Flippy was more cautious, but followed behind his big brother everywhere he went. There is a huge dog boned-shaped pond at the park, but thankfully neither one of our boys wanted to go for a swim. Charlie is not much of a swimmer, and Flippy has only dared to jump into the water on one occasion. There is also a really nice agility course, walking trails and woods to explore. It really is a great place to take your dogs. To cool down Charlie would lay underneath a shaded pavilion. Unfortunately for me it was fairly muddy and he was covered in dirt by the time we left. Flippy was also a little dirty, but mostly because he is so low to the ground and will kick mud up on himself while walking. Thankfully I had brought towels and shampoo. There are showering stations for the dogs to wash off at and both of my boys needed it! I have no idea how I managed, but I was able to successfully bathe both of these wiggle monsters without too much trouble. Once we were back in the car, they both laid down in happy exhaustion. I believe Flippy was asleep in less than two minutes!
We came home and had some lunch/dinner and relaxed with a movie. I think in a few minutes here we'll head off for a nighttime walk. In a way I'm glad I didn't go to the river, because I was able to spend a day of quality time with two of my favorite boys. I will be happy to see Jason when he comes home tomorrow. I always miss him when he is away.

~Emily :)


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