Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Joys of Moving and a Surprise on the Way!

Well, we have officially moved into our new home. It has been a long week and a half, but all of our dirty work is done! We are the proud owners of a 3-bedroom, brick ranch- complete with our very own orchard, which includes: 3 papaya trees, a navel orange tree, a key lime tree, a fig tree and an apple tree. The house is definitely smaller than our house in the Falls, so we have had to get rid of many of our things. All I can say is that I am definitely Goodwill's new best friend! I am glad that we had the opportunity to sort through our things and get rid of the things we don't truly use or need. It's amazing how much stuff you accumulate over time!
So far the animals are adjusting well to their new surroundings. Toby Walnuts hid behind the washing machine as soon as we let him loose in the new house. But a few hours later we found him lounging lazily on our bed. The windows have low, wide windowsills, so the cats spend most of their days lying on them. Charlie and Flippy are getting used to having NO carpet! Something Jason and I are absolutely loving. We both have pretty bad allergies and are looking forward to not having to vacuum constantly! We put down our area rug in the living room today, so the dogs are not slipping and sliding on the hardwoods as much.
Right now we are still living out of boxes, but are working towards unpacking everything. We had AT&T come today and install our Internet and phone, so we are finally back up and running! I have been busy with work and school, so unpacking is not coming along as quickly as I would hope. Also, our water valve for the washing machine is corroded and our dryer's heating unit is broken, so we are without laundry facilities at the moment. I will be spending one of my evening's this week at the Washateria getting all of our laundry done. Definitely not one of my favorite things to do, but atleast I can catch up on some of my homework. We are also going to have to invest in a new range, since the gas one in the house is less than desirable. The whole house reeks of gas as soon as you turn on the burners, and the appliance itself is very dated. Luckily, I have two wonderful parents who bought us a brand new refrigerator for a housewarming gift! Now we can use the money we were originally going to spend on the fridge to purchase a new oven! Thanks Mom and Dad! :)
Overall, everything is going well. I should also finally mention that we are expecting our first child on February 7, 2010. I am 20 weeks and one day pregnant as of today! We are extremely excited about it! We have all ready painted the nursery and are going to be decorating it in a Beatrix Potter theme. We had a Dr's appointment yesterday and all is well with baby and mama. We also have our second ultrasound tomorrow. This is the one where we find out if it is a boy or a girl, but we have both decided that we want the sex to be a surprise! Many people do not like this idea, but Jason and I both love the anticipation of finding out what our beautiful baby will be! We have a few names picked out, but are unsure of what the top two are. My belly has gotten pretty large over the last few weeks and my clothes are not fitting too well these days. I have still not felt baby kick, but have been told that it may be a couple more weeks until I do. Also, night are becoming a bit more uncomfortable, as I am finding it hard to find a comfortable sleeping position. Oh the joys of pregnancy! But, I wouldn't change it for the world.
That's all for now, back to unpacking! :)

P.S. Sorry about no pictures, I don't know where the camera is! But we will post pics of the new house soon!


  1. Congratulations on the house and the pregnancy!!! I am sure that this is an exciting time in your life. I can't wait to see pictures of the house, and belly pics (*hint*.)
    - Carly

  2. Thanks so much Carly! Everybody is anxious to see those belly pics... But we have only taken one at 17 weeks! We really need to take another one since I have grown so much since then! :)

  3. Congrat Emily! We didn't find out the sex with Maddie either and that was the best thing we could have ever done. Can't wait to see pictures!


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