Monday, September 28, 2009

My First "Not Me Monday"

I have a few blogs that I follow who post their "Not Me Monday" posts pretty regularly after the weekend. I thought I would try it out. To see how it all began you can visit MckMama's Blog for more Not Me posts! Pretty much these are things that "did NOT" happen... You get the vibe!

This weekend we did NOT eat out two nights in a row at Texas Roadhouse and then Napoli, a fantastic local Italian restaurant.

Saturday I did NOT have to spend three long, sweaty hours at the Laundromat with my friend Holly because the heating element in our dryer is broken and the hot water valve for the washer at our new house is corroded. Afterwards we did NOT treat ourselves to some delicious ice cream from Marble Slab Creamery!

On Sunday Jason did NOT have a great time golfing with Eric and he did NOT have ten strokes on a hole with a lake in the middle! Holly and I did NOT have a fantastic and relaxing time getting mani/pedis while the boys were on the golf course.

After our mornings Jason and I did NOT spend atleast 4 hours on the couch watching football together and constantly checking on our Fantasy Football teams. We both did NOT win our games this week! Hooray!

After having a deep, painful cough since Friday, Jason did NOT have to bring Charlie Brown in to the Vet this morning for a check-up. We did NOT find out that he has horrible allergies that are causing this cough and he is now on two medications to help relieve it.

We also did NOT come up with more baby names for Little Baby Norris- man is picking a baby name NOT hard!

What did you NOT do this weekend?!

Have a great week everyone! Check back soon for some belly pictures... yes they ARE coming!


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