Monday, October 26, 2009

All Signs Point to Baby

As we plan to "Fall back" this coming Sunday, it hardly seems like anything is falling backwards for us these days. Everything is full steam ahead, and all signs point to baby. It seems like June 8th was just a few short weeks ago. That fateful day which began when I decided to buy a pregnancy test "because my period was irregular", and ended with three pink positives that yes, we were going to be having a baby! All pregnant women know, you can't just take one! Since then, the time has flown by. We have seen the Summer come and go. Now it is well into Fall, although here in Houston, it doesn't quite seem that way. Now with November closing in on us, it's hard to imagine that in three short months, there will be a new addition to our family.

We have bought the books, each of us trying to stay a month ahead of the pregnancy, so that we know what to expect. We have registered for the gifts at Target. One baby shower has been planned by two of my sisters in Ohio, one in Houston is in the works for January being planned by our friend Holly.

The nursery is painted, with the bedding and window covers all ready waiting to be put into their rightful places. We just need the furniture. Here is a sample of the valance, it's from the Beatrix Potter Collection at Pottery Barn Kids. I couldn't resist hanging it up as soon as it arrived in the mail, although as you can see it is badly in need of a good ironing.

Also, this little guy below was hanging from the window in the future nursery when we bought the house. It must have been a sign!

I have registered for a prenatal yoga class that will be starting next Monday. We are all set to take Infant CPR, Baby Basics, Breastfeeding and Lamaze classes at the Hospital where I will be delivering. I bought the baby's first CD over the weekend at Target, Lullaby by Jewel. Everytime we went they never had any copies left, but finally I was able to snag one. I listened to it while making dinner this evening, and it is fantastic! I enjoyed listening to it, and I know it will be soothing for baby.

One of the only things we have not decided on is a baby name. Yes, our unborn child is without a name. We have a list, but have not definitely decided on one boy name and one girl name. We both feel that when the baby is born, we will just know what name fits our little angel. But, it never hurts to be prepared with a list in hand at the hospital. I'd love to hear anybody's opinion on a baby name. But, like the gender, we have decided to keep our choices a surprise until the baby is born!

Every night we both pray for a healthy, happy child. Boy/girl, large/small, fuzzy head/baldy- in the end nothing really matters except that our child has a safe delivery and arrives to us safe and sound.


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