Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Family Bed

There is a place in our home where everybody is welcome. Man, dog, cat- it doesn't matter, come on in! This special place happens to be our bed. For some reason, our animals always seem to find their way up onto this magical spot. The cats spend most of their day lounging on it while we are away at work. As soon as I open the door in the early morning, they are both waiting outside, ready to start their day on the bed. When I come home in the afternoons, they are both usually asleep on top of our quilt. I don't know what it is about this bed, but they love it!

Now, the dogs are a little different. Charlie does not jump up on anything unless he has been "invited". That being said, if Jason and I are lying on the bed talking, Charlie will usually start his "I'm right here, don't forget about me!" whine to let us know he'd like to join us. Poor little Flippy is too small to jump up on his own, so Jason and I always give him a boost up. Our spoiled little children are not allowed on any furniture in the house except the bed. Which is why they are so obsessed with being on it ALL the time. No they do not sleep with us at night. That is a BIG no no. Except when Jason is out of town. Then it's all hands on deck. I have to have my boys with me snug in the bed when daddy is away.

This brings up the debate, should baby sleep in bed or not? I am a firm believer in not. I think a child should learn from as young as possible that they should sleep in their room and their room only. The baby will sleep next to our bed for the first few months due to late night feedings. But, I am hoping to get him/her acclimated to their own crib as soon as possible. I have a very close girlfriend who feels opposite. Her son slept in their bed since the day he was born. He is nearing 18 months and has never slept in his own crib. They really enjoy having him in bed and he is not a problem, as he falls soundly to sleep between the two of them. I do not think I could do this. I really like my room when I sleep and would be very afraid of rolling over on top of the baby! Do you think this is too harsh? Is it okay for the baby to sleep in our bed for a few months? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

In the meantime, I guess we'll just keep sharing our bed with our furry little ones!



  1. I don't have kids, but I don't think that I would be able to get much sleep knowing that I may roll onto the baby. I think you would sleep much better if the baby was in another bed. Plus, how will you try for baby #2 with baby #1 sleeping with you?

  2. I like what Carly had to say.
    It was funny!!
    My opinion on that is the child
    should sleep in his or her own
    bed. If they never start to sleep
    in the parent's bed, once it's
    time for them to start sleeping
    in their own bed, there won't be
    a problem. (No separation anxiety).

  3. Cate slept in our room, next to the bed for about 6 weeks because I was nursing her in the middle of the night. But she napped in her crib from the beginning and we moved her their overnight at 6 weeks. I'd be way too afraid of rolling over.


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