Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The weekend, relaxing and a big baby!

It's funny how when you are chatting with your coworkers on a Monday morning, catching up on what you all did over the weekend, you seem to forget what you even DID over the weekend! Okay, maybe it's not you- it's me. I admit it. Even if I have a fantastic weekend, I cannot always remember what we did on which day. I don't know why... maybe it's because my mind is just relaxing over the weekend, and it can't seem to keep track of which activity was done on which day!
(Charlie Brown ready for the weekend!)

This weekend was nice. I had to work Friday evening, so when I got home we just took it easy and went to bed relatively early. Saturday morning I also had to work, but luckily got out at a decent 1pm, so we still had the majority of the day left to enjoy. Saturday happened to be moving day. The end of an era, as Jason said. After 6 months of staying with us, Holly moved out. She only moved 5 minutes down the road, but I'll miss having her around! She really is family to us. We loaded up her truck and Jason's SUV and hauled her stuff to her new apartment. Her apartment is a nice, new building in a convenient location close to her work. It is also on the third floor. On two different occasions I also lived in a third floor apartment. Oh, those were the days. Loading as many grocery bags as you could onto your arms, running up the stairs and dropping them in a heap when you opened the door. Lugging loads of laundry down two flights of stair and across the building, only to discover that all of the washers were occupied. The occupants of the apartment below you banging on your floor (their ceiling) because your cats were making too much noise while they were playing. I remember it all so well. That being said, I love our new one-story, ranch home. Stairs are just a fond memory to me now! Saturday evening we relaxed at home, watched some TV and just enjoyed each others company. We also took a trip to our favorite browsing spot, Target, where I finally caved in and purchased my first maternity top. I have such a hard time buying maternity clothes- it seems so silly to have to buy clothes that I will only wear for 4 months. I guess I don't have a choice though!

(Flippy stretching out for the weekend)

Sunday was all about football! I made us a brunch of apple pancakes and bacon (so delicious and easy to make!) and we snacked on that while watching the Texans take down the Bengals. Unfortunately we do not get any Browns games down here. Even though they are not exactly playing their "best" this year, we both still love to root for our home team! After the game we attempted to head out to a pumpkin patch to get our annual pumpkins for the yard. While on the way there, I was checking out their website on Jason's blackberry. I discovered they were charging $11/person to get in! Neither one of us could justify spending that just to get into a pumpkin patch, especially since baby isn't even born yet. We turned around and were headed home when I remembered I had seen signs for another patch closer to the house. We pulled into their parking lot, smiled at the free admission sign, and started checking out their crop. That's when we were informed by one of the employees that they had been closed for 45 minutes and would open up next weekend. So much for that! We gave up our search and headed on home! (I did end up getting some pumpkins today at a local Garden Center. I hope we can carve them next weekend!)

Later on I whipped up some beer cheese soup and wings for Sunday night football. Yum! We really love to relax on the couch on Sundays with good food and football on the TV. We both also play Fantasy Football, and are in the same league. This past weekend Jason and I were playing each other, so there was a bit of smack talk going on as to who would win. FYI: I won our entire league last year and came in second the year before.... Anyway, poor Jason was defeated 159-84. He can't help it that I am so talented at picking my team!

Monday morning was our October doctor's appointment for LBN. I am 24 weeks, so that meant time for the pre-gestational diabetes screening. I had to eat a specific breakfast of egg, meat, bread and cheese and only drink water. Once we reached my doctor's office I had to drink a horrible 10 oz. carton of dextrose (orange flavored syrup) in 5 minuets and the one hour after that they took my blood. I get the results back tomorrow, so hopefully everything tested out okay, and mama does not have to go back in for further testing. While we waiting the hour for me to have my blood drawn we had our appointment. Turns out that even though I am only 24 weeks pregnant, baby is at week 26 of development! This means that we are going to have a larger baby, and that I may deliver earlier than usual. I should mention that Jason was a tiny baby at only 6 lbs. 14 oz.,while I was a larger one at 8 lbs. 12 oz. My sister Natalie was the largest out of all 7 kids in my family and weighed in at a whopping 10 lbs. 14 oz. I hope to God that LBN is not as big as she was! When I told my doctor how large Natalie was she asked me about 4 times if my mom had gestational diabetes. No, she did not, she just had a big baby!

Here is baby at 24 weeks, and starting to get big VERY quickly! All ready 1 1/2 pounds and over a foot long!

Hey, I guess I remembered this weekend afterall! :)


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  1. It's not so much the weight of the baby you should be concerned about...but how big his/her head is. Cate was only 8 lbs. 5 oz, but had a huge head which made things a little complicated. :-)

    And I'm glad you won your Fantasy Football game against your hubby, but I wanted the outcome of the Texans/Bengals game to be different.

    Get used to not remembering things-- it's mom brain. I spent 5 minutes today looking for keys that were on top of my car. :-)


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