Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Little Time Off....

I know, I know... I've been a bad blogger. It seems life got pretty busy there for a week or two and I didn't have the time to sit down and write about it all! Things are back to normal now, so I have time to tell you all about it! Let's see... where to begin?

From November 5th thru the 9th we went back home, as in back to Ohio. That will always be home to both of us, even if we never live there again. It's where we planted our deepest roots and where the ones we love most reside. It was a whirlwind of a long weekend that seemed to end before it really even started. Visits were never long enough and catching up conversations weren't as in depth as they should have been... but that's life when you try to see as many people as you can in three days! The main purpose of this trip back home was to celebrate our expected little one's arrival in the old, traditional American way... a baby shower, of course! My sisters and mother planned a fantastic baby shower for us that weekend. It was beautiful- everything I knew it would be!

My good friend Ed who dabbles in photography came and took pictures for us. I had friends and family come in from over two hours away for the celebration and it was just perfect. Great food, beautifully creative centerpieces, a cake too cute to eat and only one game! It was a great day. Here are a few pictures from the shower (Ed took over 300):

Grama engaging me in a story.

My beautiful cake my sister Maureen had a talented friend make, along with little cookie feet as party savers.

Gorgeous centerpieces my sister-in-law Emily designed, complete with real carrots, radishes and cabbage. The theme was Peter Rabbit, based on the baby's nursery.

Me with my euchre partner Grandma and Aunt Tina.

All of the ladies in my family, plus my two nephews.

Lady and Lady.

Some of my sisters!

Friday was spent lunching at one of my favorite bagel places with two of my sisters (and one Berger!) and then hitting the movie theater for an opening day viewing of A Christmas Carol starring Jim Carrey. The movie was actually pretty good once the ghosts came into the picture. To the side is a picture of us posing with The Chipmunks at the theater- I think they have a movie coming out soon!
Also during our weekend we were able to spend a night of card games and laughter over at Jason's grandparents house. His grandma, my favorite card partner, and I challenged Jason and his dad to a rousing round of euchre. With the clock rolling up to midnight grandma and I lost by one point. I think she is still steaming about it! We were both able to spend time catching up with old friends, too. I had breakfast with two girlfriends from Junior High on Saturday morning. It was great to see how successful and happy each of them are with their lives. One a bubbly student, traveling all over the world to expand her mind and explore different cultures and languages. The other settling into a new home she bought herself and loving her job working for a county up on Lake Erie.

Saturday evening was spent with my family at our favorite local eatery, the Winking Lizard. Our party of 23 people was loud, chaotic and refreshingly normal for my large family! We ate, talked, laughed and took turns playing games with the kids. My nephew Brandon has become a pro at skeeball and had to challenge every adult he could! Afterwards we headed over to the bowling alley so Jason could prove once and again that he is the top bowler in our clan. I miss days like that.

Monday morning we went to breakfast with Jason's parents and brother. It was a nice way to end our long, hurried weekend. We were both sad to leave, but happy to get home to our boys and our new piece of land down in Texas. I should also mention that this was a special weekend for two more reasons. I met two new people this weekend. One is Ed's girlfriend, who is sweet, kind and a great match for him. I am so happy that he has found someone as wonderful as her! Secondly, is my nephew Tristan. He is eight months now, and this was the first time Jason and I have met him! He is incredibly adorable and looks just like my sister (his mama) when she was a baby. Jason made the comment that he is "the happiest baby I have ever seen."

Below is a picture of Ed with his new lady love!

We planned to go home that weekend because it was also the last weekend that I was allowed to fly (doctor's orders), so it was extra special for both Jason and I. It will be the first time we will not be with our families on Thanksgiving or Christmas, as well as my first birthday without my family. Needless to say this upcoming holiday season will be a little rough on us. We still have each other... so I know it will be a special time for just the two of us. I plan on making the traditional Thanksgiving dinner, decorating the house to the nines for Christmas, blasting my carols, baking dozens of Christmas cookies, sending out cards and cooking a fantastic Christmas dinner. No expense will be spared, and nothing will change for our holidays even if we are not surrounded by all of our family.

Jason playing with baby Tristan.

You see, my family is just a *little* crazy when it comes to Christmas. We. Love. It. There are even matching shirts involved... Yep... Matching shirts. I said it. I will definitely miss spending this special holiday with my family- it is the only one where all of us are actually together. It's a promise we have made our mother, we will ALWAYS be home for Christmas. Except for this one year when Jason and I tackle this extra special holiday with just each other, our animals and Texas weather.

I have many more things to blog about, but this post will do for now. Stay tuned for more updates, including one on baby! :)


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