Monday, November 23, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I can't believe another week has passed and that it's Monday all ready. Which means two things:
1) One week closer to baby! (29 down, 11 to go... scary!) and 2) Another edition of Not Me! Monday with MckMama. Check her out to see what others are NOT up to.

I am NOT becoming more forgetful as I become more pregnant. It's not me who leaves the pantry light shining brightly atleast once a day since I forget to flip that little switch when I'm done grabbing my goods outta there! And no way am I the one who forgets to lock her car in the driveway or tells Jason the same things over and over again because I just can't remember if I told him or not.

This weekend I was not pleasantly surprised at our Childbirth Education class to find that out of 15 couples there were 5 others there who were, like us, waiting until the birth to have the sex of their baby revealed! It was not nice to find out that we weren't alone in that decision and that others find it as exciting as we do!

Yesterday it did not take Jason and I almost 45 minutes to put our new Pack n' Play together. The directions and pictures were not completely horrible and could have been written by a five year old.

I also did not eat Panera for lunch THREE times this week. I guess those seven years of working there have not made me love it, even though I have to pay for it now!

And finally, I have definitely NOT been listening to Christmas music obsessively since last week. I am not super excited about my list of stores to hit and presents to buy this coming Black Friday. And I am certainly not excited about cooking a huge Thanksgiving dinner for Jason and I!

Have a great holiday week everyone!


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