Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Truthful Tuesday

This is my first time participating in Truthful Tuesday. Each week Elizabeth over at Confessions From A Working Mom posts a question for us to answer. This week's question is:

How early is too early to decorate for Christmas?

I love this question! I ALWAYS want to decorate before Thanksgiving. But, Jason and I have a deal that I cannot put up a single sprig of holly or snowman candle until Thanksgiving dinner is resting comfortably in our very full bellies! I really do not think it's ever TOO early to decorate for the best time of year... Although, I guess decorating in August may be a *little* crazy!
Also, I am a firm believer that when it's over, it's over people. There are some who leave up their tree until February. Although by that time it is nothing but a crispy, brown fire hazard. By then the holiday is DEFINITELY over and all things Christmas should be back in their rubbermaid containers until next year.
I can't wait for tomorrow! I begin my Thanksgiving baking... then on Thursday morning the parade will be on, the turkey cooking away in the oven and us sitting on the couch relaxing until we get to eat! After that my fall decorations are history and up go my MANY Christmas decorations! I will definitely be heading out on Black Friday to snag some great deals. Toys R Us at midnight, followed by Best Buy at 5 am. Okay, so maybe I am just a tiny bit holiday crazy!
Great question Elizabeth!


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  1. You're going to Toys R Us AND Best Buy Friday morning? ARE YOU SUPER MOM?!?!?!

    Seriously, love having you participate. You look great, by the way. I can't wait to see if the baby is a boy or a girl :)



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