Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Great Storm of 2009- Houston Style

So, in one of my recent posts I mentioned that it was snowing.


In Houston!

It's funny how a little bit of snow can cause such a big fuss!

There was massive anxiety, schools let out early, the news was on for 24 hours straight with all kinds of warnings about how bad this "storm" was going to be. They were predicting 2-3 inches! Panic ensued!

My manager actually had a talk the day before telling us that the weather would be horrible, and to keep her posted if we couldn't make it in to work. She didn't want anybody to get hurt driving in the terrible conditions. I was trying not to laugh at the seriousness in her voice. Come on people! TWO inches???

So, the day of said storm, I got up and drove to work as usual. Leaving at 6:30 am the roads were clear, but the thermostat read quite a few degrees colder than usual.

Around 8 am, the snow started. Actually, it was rain. Then it was sleet. Then it was a very wet snow.

(This is outside our front window. If you look VERY closely you can see the snow falling!)

It was great! I LOVE snow! It's something I have really missed since leaving Ohio. I miss those freezing cold nights, the mounds of snow in my front and back yards, drifts up to 8 feet that blocked my front door, you get the idea. I love snow, and lots of it! This "snow" did not live up to my expectations.

One of our clients actually took a look out the window and said, "OH MY GOD! Look at that BLIZZARD!" This time, I couldn't help but chuckle. Oh, if they only knew!

I know it's Texas. I know that they are not used to snow, nor are they even remotely equipped for it. But for a girl who spent her entire life living just south of Lake Erie and in the snowbelt, it was old hat! Nothing to be concerned about. And certainly nothing to panic about!

"It's not the snow, it's the ice. The roads ice over and it's very dangerous to drive on!" a co-worker kept saying to me. Uhhh.. yea, she is 30 and doesn't even have a license. I'm not too sure what she was worried about! There ended up being no ice anyway. It didn't stay cold long enough to be a problem.

Finally the snow began to stick! I had come to work wearing my winter coat, scarf and gloves. I wiped off a friend's car with my gloves since the snow had stuck and she couldn't see out her windows. I went outside and caught a few flakes in my hand, raised up my arms and looked into the sky, breathed in that COLD air and smiled. Fantastic!

When I left for the day, I had to wipe off my windows as well. It had stopped snowing though. By the time I got home, there was no snow left.

Jason had worked from home that day and managed to snap a few pictures.

(Our front yard with snow on the ground! It lasted all of a few hours!)

The ground was too warm for the snow to stick around for very long. It had fallen and melted in five hours time. The next day it was in the 50s. So much for a storm!

It was fun while it lasted! :)



  1. When I was living in Louisville, KY, I went to work one morning (at Barnes & Noble) and there was a note from the managers telling us that school had been canceled, so we should expect it to be busier than usual that afternoon since kids wouldn't have much else to do, and I remember looking out the window thinking "They closed school for this?! These people don't know what a real snow day looks like!"

  2. Ok, now that I've read a little farther back, I know you're in Houston! I so had the EXACT same experience during this storm... it was so funny for this Colorado girl to listen to people talk about the "Houston blizzard" as less than an inch of snow fell. Even downtown, where I work, it wasn't bad! But the way people were driving you'd think it was a total white out blizzard! Gotta love Texas!


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