Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Milkshake Thief

So, last night Jason took me (and the dogs!) out to look at the Christmas lights.

I LOVE Christmas lights!

People get so creative and it gives me all kinds of ideas as to what we COULD do if we had the extra money to spend on outdoor lights for our home. Right now we have a bunch of icicle lights that my mom gave to us a few years ago, but that's it for our outdoor lighting department.

Anyway, I told him I'd treat him to a milkshake at Chick-fil-A while we drove around looking at the lights and listening to Christmas carols. (What a great guy!) We went through the drive-thru, ordered our shakes and went to the window to pay. They were having a slight malfunction with their milkshake machine, so they asked us to pull around front and they'd bring them out to us in a few minutes.

So, we pulled around and were just hangin' out in the car, waiting for our yummy treats to come out to us!

About five minutes later we see an employee walking thru the lobby with what we can only assume were our milkshakes. At that exact moment a teenage boy went thru the door, they spoke for a moment and she handed him the two milkshakes. This kid went BOLTING out the door like somebody had lit a fire under his butt and ran to his car. He jumped in and began to back up. By that time the same employee had come outside with another milkshake in her hand. She then stopped that kid in his car and handed him a THIRD milkshake!

We were both watching this with suspicion, as we knew by this kid's behavior that those were NOT his milkshakes.

After this scenario played out in front of us, Jason went inside the store. Turns out that kid had indeed STOLEN our milkshakes! The nerve! He paid for one and got three! What a little jerk!

So, the employees felt bad and gave Jason coupons for some free Chick-fil-A goodies, made us our milkshakes and we headed off to look at our lights.

Speaking of which, have you seen this house? It's not near us, but they always synchronize lights and music and it's absolutely amazing!

Check it out:

Happy Sunday!



  1. Don't you miss Swenson's? What I would give for a chocolate malt from there today ... we ended up eating our Christmas dinner from there a few years ago because half of my husband's family got sick and couldn't do the family gathering! Glad you're enjoying Christmas even if you don't have the snow that we do!

  2. Oh God how I miss Swensons! I was just saying the other day to a co-worker how much I CRAVE their chocolate peanut butter shakes! Mmmmm! The best! :)


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