Monday, December 28, 2009

Not Me! Monday

So, it's Monday. As in Not Me! Monday hosted by MckMama. Unfortunately (for you not me!), I don't think I really have too many not me's to report this week!

It was NOT me who spent her entire Sunday in pajamas... up until 7 pm when I had to head out to the pharmacy to get more prenatal vitamins. When I returned home it was NOT me who immediately changed back into said pajamas.

It was NOT me who has played Yahtzee for the last THREE nights in a row. I have NOT become slightly obsessed with this game of dice!

I am NOT one of the luckiest girls in the world because I was the recipient of some GREAT Christmas gifts this year! Said gifts included a video camera, a new TV and a Coach purse, to name a few! I feel very loved (and spoiled!) to have received such wonderful gifts! :)

And lastly, I am certainly NOT beginning to freak out about impending baby day. I am a *bit* of a control freak and am starting to worry that things are not complete and ready to go. Of course I realize that nothing in life is ever perfect and this little one is going to come whether I'm ready or not.. but obviously I'd prefer to be ready!

Here's to a great week for us all!


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