Thursday, December 31, 2009

This New Year's Eve...

It's New Year's Eve! Hurrah! We'll be staying in tonight, eating some good food, playing some board games and enjoying each other's company. I will try *very* hard to actually stay up until midnight, but who knows if that will happen?

BUT, there is one thing I forgot about....


I don't know how I forgot. I mean, I have seen NO LESS than 100 fireworks stands pop up in the last week or so, peddling their little explosives to every man, woman and child.

Why am I even mentioning this you may ask? Well, there is a certain little dog that I know of, who is TERRIFIED, we're talking DEATHLY AFRAID of fireworks!

He shakes, he quivers, he tucks his tail and his ears, and he follows you around like a miniature shadow for HOURS on end! This little man is petrified of these loud noisemakers.

We've all ready had some of our neighbors set them off in the last week. At first it was kind of amusing, but now we just feel bad for our little guy.

They truly scare the poop out of him!

So, tonight while you are celebrating with family and friends, think of all the little dogs out there who are scared to death of that firecracker in your hand. Maybe you shouldn't set it off, as somewhere in a house close by, there is a little dog peeing in the corner because of the anxiety your firecracker has caused him.

Happy New Year!


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