Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Truthful Tuesday

I know... I've been copping out. I've been joining in blog carnivals instead of actually writing a post of my own! I promise I'll write soon!

Anyway, today is Truthful Tuesday hosted by Elizabeth over at Confessions from a Working Mom. Her blog is refreshingly honest and I enjoy her Tuesday topics. Today's topic is:

Would you get a boob job?

I laughed when I saw this question! A job? As in implants? My answer has always been NO!

I have a larger chest, and it definitely gets in the way! And it has increased in size quite a bit since I became preggo! We're talking DD's here people!! Luckily you can't tell how big they ARE because my belly is so big now, too!

I plan on breastfeeding LBN (Little Baby Norris) for about a year, if all goes according to plan. So I'm sure they will stay large. I've heard and read other ladies comments that after breastfeeding their ladies became smaller and saggy. To be honest, I'd love mine to get smaller!

The possibility of a C cup?

Sign me up!

Now, as for the saggy part... I would have a problem with that! I have always talked about getting a breast lift. I think it's the only "surgery" I would have to alter my appearance. I don't mind if the girls are smaller, but saggy is never a good thing! I want my chest to look good for me! And I'm sure Jason will appreciate it, too.

But, you never know how I'll feel after I have the baby and my boobs are devoted to feeding a little one for a year! I may change my mind....

Happy Tuesday!


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  1. First, you're getting so close!!! LBN will be here before you know it!

    2nd, after nursing for 14 months, I have C-cup boobs with A-cup filling. THAT'S what stinks so badly. I think maybe a lift with filling is what the doctor ordered in my case!



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