Monday, December 28, 2009

A Wonderfully Quiet Christmas....

I know I have written about how much I love Christmas. How I adore the noise, the people, the chaos. But, I have to say that this year it was really nice to have a quiet, relaxing time at home with Jason. In fact, I wouldn't have had it any other way.

After evening Mass on Christmas Eve we went home and opened presents via Skype (gotta love technology!) with Jason's parents and brother. It was great to have that opportunity, and I'm glad we were able to exchange and open gifts that way.

(our Christmas tree!)

Christmas morning we slept in- even the animals! After rolling out of bed we grabbed some hot drinks for ourselves (cocoa for me and coffee for him) and with "A Christmas Story" on the TV in the background we settled ourselves next to the Christmas tree to unwrap more presents. We had a great time opening our gifts from each other, as well as from my family and our friends. The animals got to open their gifts as well. Boy did they get excited! Our cat Starr Kitty received a squirrel stuffed with catnip from Santa Claws and he LOVED it! He played with it ALL day! :)

Later on we took the dogs for a long walk on a nearby hiking/biking trail. It was probably the only time we will ever have that trail to ourselves and it was so peaceful! When we got home I cooked us a delicious Christmas dinner, which was followed by pumpkin pie!

Throughout the day we chatted with family and friends on the phone. It was nice to hear what they all received for Christmas, how they liked our gifts and to know that they were all enjoying the special day.

(the little Christmas tree in our guest bathroom!)

All in all it was a relaxing, low-key Christmas. Nothing too chaotic and the pace was just right for us. We had nowhere to rush off to or time constraints to worry about.

It was just perfect.

Now, as for next year... that will be an ENTIRELY different story!


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  1. A Skype Christmas? Now that is something I can really appreciate! The Swede and I often laugh that our relationship would never have lasted without Skype. Ha! Merry Christmas to you and your budding family, Em!


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