Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

It's amazing that the year is over. I honestly have a hard time believing that today is New Year's Eve. I think that my Grandma and Mom were right when they said that time goes by so much faster once you have children. I wonder what other things they said that I blew off with a "whatever" and now would find that they were right about..?

Tonight Jason and I are ordering in some Chinese with friends and just hanging out. No big extravaganza for us, and I'm perfectly fine with that. I've always felt that New Year's Eve was a bit of an overrated holiday. All of that standing around in a cold, crowded bar with a bunch of drunks breathing down your neck. And for what? For the chance at kissing somebody and to tell them "Happy New Year?" No thanks! I'm happy with a few friends, a pint of hunan chicken and my little family by my side. :)
Besides, last NYE was spent on our couch in Houston. My 9-months pregnant body was desperately struggling to stay awake. I failed. Jason had to wake me up at midnight, kiss me and send me to bed!

And anyway, Jason and I went out last night for a "small" Schroder sibling get-together. Yea, did I mention that we rented a party van? And didn't get home until 3 am? Pictures to follow so that I can document our fabulous night! After that experience that was no way I was going to go out tonight!

So, whatever it is that you might be doing tonight, however you choose to ring in the New Year, I hope it's fabulous!

Happy New Year's everyone!


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Update: I am alive!

It has been a long time since I've posted something. I just wanted to let everybody know that I am still alive! It's been a whirlwind of a visit up here in Ohio and I find myself going a little crazy at times. We've been trying to fit in so many things and to also just enjoy being with our family and friends. Just the thought of blogging makes me a little dizzy right now.

Jason is leaving this Sunday and Aidan and I head home on Wednesday. In a way, I will be really happy for our plane to touch down in Houston. As much as I love everybody here in Ohio, sometimes a girl just needs to sleep in her own bed and get back into a regular routine.

I have so many things to tell you all about, including how Aidan's first Christmas went. He is one spoiled little boy! We are actually not sure how we are going to fit everything into the car for Jason to take home. We may have to ship some presents back. Yep, he's THAT spoiled! (And frankly, so are Jason and I. I can't believe all of the awesome gifts we received this year! Our families are so generous!)

I am so thankful for all that has happened to me this year and I hope that I find time to write a post about it. But, to sum it up I am thankful for the health of myself and my family, a roof over our heads, Jason's everlasting love and patience, all of my friends (old and new), and for my sweet baby Aidan. :)

This Saturday (New Year's Day) is my 29th birthday. My last year in my 20s. It's pretty scary, but not as scary as I had built it up in my mind to be. I say bring it on! My 28th year was a great one and I have a feeling 29 will be even better!

So, if I don't talk to you before then, have a Happy New Year!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's cold

I'm cold. Really cold. That's probably because I'm in Ohio. It's only 15 degrees outside! Brrrr....

So, Aidan and I arrived safe and sound yesterday after a plain ride in which Aidan was both giggly/cute and in major meltdown mode. It was a whirlwind day for the both of us.

I have lots of posts that I've started, but not yet completed. I'm sure I'll finish some of them and a few I won't. Really, I just want to spend time with my family. The last time we were here was in July and I just want to catch up. I'm telling you this, because I won't be around much for the next 3 weeks. Yup, three fabulous weeks are being spent up here in the bitter cold with our wonderful family and friends. I couldn't be happier!

Check back about once a week friends, I promise I'll post since pics of my sweet little man playing with his cousins!

~Emily :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cookies, Crafts, Walking and a Baby Volcano

Earlier this week Aidan and I spent the day with some friends. I had organized a cookie exchange and a craft for the kiddos in our Mom's group and my friend Jamie was gracious enough to host it at her house.

The craft was a bit of a "messy" one for the babies, although everybody's turned out beautifully! They will be given as gifts to Daddies and Grandparents for Christmas. I can't show you exactly what we did, but I will do a post later (after Christmas) with instructions on how you can do this yourself! It really was a great craft for the babies to do!

We ended up having to take off their clothes so they wouldn't get dirty. There were diaper-clad babies everywhere!

The kids had a great time playing with each other as the Mommas finished up their projects for them.

Aidan and I arrived at Jamie's early to set up everything. He was a little upset that I wasn't paying attention to him and starting crying. Once again his separation anxiety is getting the best of him. But, he really wanted his Mommy and he actually took his first steps so that he could get to me! He took two steps and then had to grab onto the cupboard for support. I was so proud of him! He hasn't done it since. I guess he just needs to be really upset in order to walk!

When we first arrived I realized that Aidan had vomited on himself in his carrier. I thought that maybe he had too much to eat earlier and his stomach just got upset. So we threw his clothes and his carseat liner into the washing machine and I changed him into his extra clothes I had brought. He didn't have a fever or diarrhea and was acting like his normal self.

Later on in the day after I fed him some lunch he threw up again. A LOT! And it was on Jamie's carpet. Immediately all of our friends sprung into action to clean up the carpet and Aidan. Then he threw up again on another part of the carpet. Poor baby!

My friend Tonya held him as I got all of our things together so we could leave. He threw up on her an additional 3 times. Poor baby Aidan. Tonya dubbed him "baby volcano."

I called his Pediatrician on our way home and they advised Pedialyte/Gatorade for 24 hours. They thought that it was most likely at 24-hour stomach virus. My little man was not a happy camper. He wanted to EAT! and would get upset pretty much every time he came near me because he wanted me to breastfeed him.

Luckily we were able to get through this 24 hour fiasco without anymore vomiting or major meltdowns from my hungry boy. He never had a fever or diarrhea or acted like he felt sickly. I'm so happy that he feels better.

This is the first time that Aidan was ever actually "sick" and luckily it wasn't too rough for him. He felt good enough a few days later to join his friends for a fun time at the Children's Museum! More on that tomorrow.... :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

White wreath(s)

Oh how I love my wreaths! I 100% stole this idea from The Nester. They are so gorgeous and I'm happy to say that I can use them year round!

I think it took me about an hour per wreath (I made two) and the total cost for both was under $9. Can't get better than that!

All you need:

glue gun
coffee filters
wreath base

I glued the ribbon to my wreath first to make sure it would be nice and tight and stay put. I actually sort of regret this now and will probably end up cutting it off so that I can use the wreath for other seasons.
Then I started glueing on the coffee filters. I used about 160 per wreath. I either folded them in quarters or eighths, just depended on the space I wanted to fill.

The wreath started to fill out quickly, and before I knew it, it was done!

I wanted a seasonal accent for it and found just the thing at the Dollar Tree. They had all kinds of pretty accents including glittery snowflakes, candles, red birds, snowmen.... I could go on and on! Aren't these poinsettias pretty? And what I love most is that they clip on, so I didn't have to glue them and ruin the wreath if I wanted to take them off!

The finished products:
And just so you can see how big they are...

(Please excuse how awful I look in this picture. It was late. I was tired. And icky.)

I got the idea to hang them on our bookshelves from my most recent edition of Southern Living. But for the life of me, I can't find a picture of it on their website! :(

(Looks much better in person... trust me!)

Oh, and just a warning for those of you about to embark on this or any other adventure with your glue guns....

Beware of dogs who may be underneath you and you don't know it. Especially when you are putting a new stick into your gun and hot glue spurts out the tip and lands on the poor dog at your feet. Yea. That happened to me. Twice. Once for each of my dogs. Ouch! Luckily it just got on their fur and not their skin. But, we had to use the clippers and buzz the glue clumps out. Not fun!

Anyway, go make one! You know you want to... :)

P.S. We are FINALLY getting a new camera! *enter hallelujiah chorus* I'm so excited. Jason and I are both sick of taking crappy pictures with our dying point and shoot camera. While it's been good to us over the years, it's time for something better. I cannot wait to put our new baby (once it's purchased) to good use!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Santa Claus is coming to town

Last Thursday I took Aidan to the Annual Tree Lighting in a nearby town. We missed the actual lighting of the tree, but I heard from friends we didn't miss too much. I guess it was rather anticlimactic, as there weren't as many lights on the tree as expected.

The park it was held in is a Heritage Park and had 5 old building and a gazebo decorated with lights. There were various choirs singing, hot cocoa to drink and we were able to see some of our friends!

Aidan was a little cranky due to the long day we had. Earlier we had attended storytime at the library, then went shopping and to lunch with some friends.

Did I mention that Santa was at the tree lighting? I was a little unsure of having Aidan meet Santa for the first time, due to his anxiety, but his friend K just loved Santa, so I decided to give it a shot.

Aidan's first time on Santa's lap??


Could I be a meaner Mommy? I felt so bad for the little guy. We did get a picture for $5 from the photographer there. Everybody tried to convince us that he looks like he is laughing. Yea right!

I will leave you with some pictures of Aidan's new girlfriend, J. They have now kissed each other twice! Isn't baby love the best?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Somebody's got...

.... a new hat!

We're not sure if he likes it yet.... But isn't it cute?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Feeding frenzy

At Aidan's 9 month check-up earlier this month we were told by his Pediatrician that we really needed to focus on feeding him all different types of food. Mainly finger food, if possible. Apparently the period between 9 and 12 months is crucial to a baby's food preferences. He told us that after a child turns a year old they will be less willing to try different foods.

I have to tell you that this made me a little stressed out. The pressure is on. Atleast, I feel like it's on.

Friends tell me that this isn't the biggest of deals. In fact, some of my friends with children the same age as Aidan have not been given these guidelines by their Pediatricians.

What's a Mama to do?

I honestly feel that it's best for Aidan, and for me, to feed him as many different foods as possible. It's a good thing to have a well-rounded palette.

I also don't want to have that kid who only eats orange food. You know, macaroni & cheese, chicken fingers and goldfish. No. Way.

So far I've been doing my best to give him "big people" food that Jason and I eat. He's had fajitas, ravioli, stuffed chicken breast, and a variety of other foods. He even feasted on turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes and cranberries at Thanksgiving.

One word of warning for my friends about to embark on a similar journey... The mess is unbelievable!

Aidan's favorite foods so far?


And berries!

What foods does/did your kiddo like to eat at Aidan's age?


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