Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Days of the Living Dead

As of late, I have been feeling somewhat like this:

*insert sound of lumberjacks sawing logs here*

All of the time!

I am pooped. Exhausted. Drained.

I am amazed that I make it to work in the morning. I still manage to wake up at 5:45, eat my breakfast while watching the news and leave promptly at 6:30. But, I have no idea how I GET there! It's like I get in my car, and suddenly I'm at work.
I'd just like to apologize to all of the people that I might piss off in my driving haze. Who knows if I've run over some unsuspecting pedestrian, cut off school buses or ran a red light or two? I sure don't!
Once I'm at work, things are all right. I'm very focused and busy, so my time flies by. But, once again my drive home is blurry at best. But, I always seem to get back in one piece!

As soon as I walk in that door, it's all over. The bed, the couch, my big, comfy chair are all calling to me....


I must obey. I can't let them down afterall!

So, usually after eating whatever I can find in the kitchen (lately, it's been cereal. Lots of cereal!), I settle myself and the dogs down for a nap.
I have become a professional napper. Sometimes sleeping for up to 3 hours without waking up once!
Which is a relief since I find myself waking up every 3 hours at night now to do the pee pee dance on the way to the toilet. Thank God our bathroom is about 2 feet away from my side of the bed! I don't think I'd make it otherwise.

Even after such a long nap, I can still manage to fall asleep early (like 8 or 9 am) and not get up until my alarm goes off in the morning. It's ridiculous!

Yes, I still manage to get things done (you know, laundry, dishes, etc.)... but now the little things are real accomplishments for me. Here are some examples:

Today I walked 3 houses down to our community mailbox, opened it up and retrieved the mail. And THEN I walked back!

On Sunday I went for a mile long walk with our friends, Jason and the dogs. Afterwards I took a two hour nap... but hey! I did it!

Yesterday I was able to hold it in until I was asked to pee in the little cup at my OB's office. Usually, I can't hold it the whole time up until the appointment.

Over the weekend I "supervised" the rearranging of furniture in our living room. Again.

For the past two days I have not gotten annoyed at the one co-worker of mine who just grinds my gears. I think I'm just too tired to want to smack her everytime she says something stupid and/or inappropriate.

Yep. I'm pretty amazing, aren't I? Ha!

Well, I'm now going to try to stay awake to watch The Biggest Loser. I *heart* that show!


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