Friday, January 1, 2010

Five Question Friday

Happy New Year everyone!

What better way to start it off than a little round of Five Question Friday with Mama M? Okay, actually our January 1st started off with Jason spilling an entire jug of grape juice in our refrigerator, but I digress...

On to the questions:

1. If you could bring one character to life from your favorite book, who would it be?

Gah! This is a VERY hard question. I LOVE to read.. and I definitely cannot narrow it down to a favorite book. But, I'd have to say that having Bridget Jones around for a day would probably be pretty darn entertaining... she'd definitely provide a few laughs over a round of drinks!

2. Where did you get your very first kiss?

At the lake in my backyard growing up. Pretty uneventful to be honest.

3. How did you welcome in the New Year?

Well, like I mentioned in this post, I was hoping to stay up until midnight. It was pretty odd to watch Dick Clark on TV counting down the seconds 'til the ball dropped... and then it was only 11 pm!

Stupid Central Time putting us back a whole hour!

We got phone calls and texts from friends and family wishing us a Happy New Year (and Happy Birthday to me, since I am a New Year's baby!), and it was still December 31st!

I did manage to stay up until midnight, and then immediately went to bed and crashed.

Our little dog spent the better part of the evening shaking to death in a panic from the firecrackers popping outside our house. I swear these Texas people are obsessed with fireworks!

4. What is your favorite Beatles song?

Double gah! They are one of my all-time favorite bands... I have all of their albums! I would be hard pressed to pick just ONE song.

Hmm... In My Life is a special song for Jason and I.. But I also love:

Hey, You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
Mother Nature's Son

I can go on and on....

5. Donuts: overrated, underrated, or 'bout right?

The Doctor that I work for has a friend who comes into the clinic everyday to visit for a little bit. Every Tuesday morning, like clockwork, he brings in Shipley Donuts for us to munch on. I have not eaten one for months now.

I like donuts, but in moderation. Definitely not once a week! They are a treat and shouldn't be eaten so much. Plus, they are SOO bad for you!

When I was little I sure did love me some "Donut Sunday" at church, though!

Well, have a great day! Be sure to eat pork and sauerkraut for good luck!



  1. Ugh...that reminds me of my kids...every Sunday, "Can we go to coffee and donuts?" And every Sunday, I make some sort of excuse to avoid it!!

  2. Happy Birthday!!

    You don't think donuts should be eaten once a week (gasp!)..

    Dude! Seriously Fireworks were going off like crazy here way before midnight.

  3. Happy Birthday! And yuck on the grape juice incident. NOT the best way to start the Year. Or day. Or birthday. Eh, just not a good thing.

  4. just found your blog. congrats on your baby and making it to the new year before crashing. i wouldn't mind a weekly donut delivery. maybe he can ship them out here.

  5. Happy Birthday!

    Blackbird is an awesome Beatles song!

    Found you from Mama M's blog hop. Glad to find another Texan's blog!


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