Thursday, January 7, 2010

It really is the little things in life

So, as I mentioned in this post, we had a little snafu with our water line. Our water was turned off for almost 24 hours.

Did you hear me????


Granted, part of that time I was at work or sleeping... But, still.

No. Water. At. All.

Jason went out and bought about 8 gallons of bottled water which we used to brush teeth, drink, give to the animals, etc. You get the picture.

The pipe cracked sometime Wednesday morning. I called the water company so that they could come out and take a look at the situation. Our yard was saturated, there was a river flowing down our street and around the corner to the sewer drain.

Never was I told that we could turn off this water.

Thanks water company lady. *insert sarcastic voice while saying this*

Mind you I called around 10 am, before going to work. Jason came home at 3 pm and still nobody had come from the water company. And still our water was flowing from this darn pipe. Our water meter read about 1.4 million gallons of water had all ready passed through that crack in this pipe. That is A LOT of water!

One of our neighbors happened to be standing in our yard looking rather perplexed when Jason arrived home. He told Jason that we could turn off the water. Jason dug around, found the valve and voila! No more water.

Finally, Mr. Water Company Man arrives. In his 30 second assessment he determines it is OUR pipe, not the district pipe that has cracked. We need to call a plumber. It's not his problem.


No water, a bunch of water wasted, and we get to pay for it all! Hurray!

This afternoon we had a plumber come out. He was efficient and all business. He had the ground dug up, the problem area in the pipe pinpointed and fixed in about 2 hours.

The first thing we did after we had water?

Hot showers. Aaaahhhh!

I love me my hot showers!

Moral of the story?

Do not take things like running water in your home for granted. It really is a luxury! You can't do so many things without it. Cook, clean, wash dishes, wash laundry, drink, brush your teeth, bathe... I can go on and on and on! It was horrible not having it for that short amount of time. Could you imagine NEVER having running water? Think of all of the people in this world that do not.

Be thankful for the little things, they make our day to day lives so much easier.



  1. Sorry to hear about that, it dosen't sound fun :-( We had a plumbing issue a few years ago and found out that we were able to show the water company our bill and they only charged us for water and not the sewer since obviously it did not go in the sewer. I know that this seems little, but in our case the sewer portion cost more than the water itself. It was a bit of a hassle, we had to wait for the bill to come out and they compared it to our use for the previous month and gave us a credit toward the next month. Hope that helps.

  2. Hey. Have you tried calling your homeowners insurance company? You *might* have some coverage for this. Just a thought!

  3. Thanks for the advice ladies! We called our insurance company right away, and no luck! I will try to compare the bills though and see what they say. :)


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