Friday, January 15, 2010


So, in case you didn't notice... I took a little blogging break this week. I've been reading all of your blogs, don't worry! I just haven't been writing in my own. Yes, I've had things I've wanted to blog about... but I don't think that I really had the energy to do it.


My energy has been zapped. It's gone! This LBN inside of me has taken all of it!

Well, LBN and the fact that I have been an OCD mad woman as of late and have to have everything PERFECT in my house, lest I have a heart attack.

Floors swept, laundry done, dishes washed, beds made, bathrooms shining.. you get the idea.

No, I do not believe I am "nesting" yet. I just think I am being overly anal/paranoid that I will go into labor and things will not be done. I do not want to come home to a disaster area after poppin' this little baby out in the hospital!

So, anyway... some things that have happened in the last week:

* I broke another water glass. In all I believe this brings the total to atleast 7 throughout my pregnancy. We now have 2 glasses left, and Jason has demanded that I only drink out of plastic cups from now on. We have friends visiting this weekend, so I'll have to make a trip out to Bed, Bath and Beyond to buy some glasses. That, or else they'll be drinking water out of wine or shot glasses. Very nice!

* The baby has not moved "into position" (very military sounding, right?) and my cervix is not yet dilated. We'll see what happens at Monday's appointment.

* I broke down and bought myself a beautiful iron fruit bowl stand from Pier One. I heart Pier One! I went and "visited" this bowl twice before I finally caved in and purchased it for myself. No, there is not fruit in it. Instead I bought some fake flowers and use it in my foyer as a decoration. I love it!

* My dogs were bathed. Finally! I've been a bad canine mommy and they haven't had baths in over a month. They were becoming stinky little buggers!

* I had a fantastic visit with an old friend. She came down from Pennsylvania and we spent an afternoon/evening catching up. It was great to see her. It's so nice to meet up with special people from your past- no matter how much time has transpired, it feels like only yesterday you were together. :)

* We had our baby shower! It was wonderful! Holly and Janet really did a fantastic job of throwing it for us. (I'll write a separate post and put up some pictures about it!)

* I was eyed up by three different clerks at three different stores. They all approached me to ask if "I was all right"... What they meant was "You had better NOT go into labor in this store or else I will have a panic attack and pee my pants!" Yep... Thanks sales ladies.

*I have gone to Target 3 times. Why? Because Target is awesome. They are also having a MAD clearance sale on almost all thins baby. Jason and I went a *little* nuts and bought a ton of stuff for LBN!

Okay, so I promise I'll write more often. Next time I take a long break like that, it's probably because something has happened... as in, baby time! Eeek!



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