Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Truthful Tuesday

This Tuesday Elizabeth is asking a really great question for her Truthful Tuesday Blog Carnival. Check out her site for some other great answers to the following:

Have you ever lost something and came out a winner?

I saw this question earlier in the day, and really had to think about what my answer would be. We've all lost things. Some don't seem significant at the time (where'd those car keys go?), others (especially breakups!) seem catastrophic when they are happening.

Waaaaaay back (almost five years ago!) when Jason and I first started dating, I was a restaurant manager. I had been working for the same company for almost 7 years. I started working there in high school, kept getting promoted and just stayed. I was going to college on and off, but was only able to go full-time for one year.

My job was very demanding, with long hours and little flexibility when it came to scheduling. I pretty much had to be available ALL of the time, even third shift, when needed. I would work VERY early mornings (sometimes 4 am!) to the late evenings (11 pm on those busy weekend nights). I did enjoy my job, and damn was I good at it! I took pride in my work, and I loved being able to take care of myself.

I had a nice apartment, a brand new car, could take myself on some awesome vacations and I really enjoyed the financial freedom of not having to depend on anybody else. But, there were some drawbacks. I really wanted to go back to school. And, I wanted to do more than work in a restaurant. There were people in the company who had been there longer than me. I mean A LOT longer than me. Many were bitter, and in their higher up positions, were not paid very well. They had families to support, long hours to work and didn't seem happy with where they were in life. I did NOT want to be like them.

Jason knew that I was smart, and that I really wanted to go back to school full-time. So, with his encouragement, I took a very big step and quit my safe, financially secure job. It was horrifying! I didn't have a job when I quit, and it took me THREE months to find a new one! Jason had no problem supporting me and paying my bills until I was able to find a new job, and I hated it! I did not want to depend on him to help me out, I was the girl who had always done everything for herself!

He knew this was just a stepping stone for me to get me going and onto my new life as a part-time worker and a full-time student. I went back to school, and immediately fell into a great group of classes and became active in different student organizations. Work took a back seat to my education, and it was nice. Yes, I missed having extra spending money and being able to treat myself to whatever I wanted when I wanted it. But, it was fantastic to expand my mind and to be learning new things. I love to learn, and I believe you are never too old or too young to be learning.

Now, here we are five years later. I've changed jobs a few times, mainly because we have moved. I've also changed schools a few times, as well (also because of moving). My new jobs have been much more flexible with my school schedule, and I never let work come before my education. I love being a student, and even though quitting my old job and leaving my comfort zone was terrifying at the time, it was worth it!

With a baby on the way, I plan on continuing my education by returning to school this coming Fall semester. I now realize this is what is truly important to me, and I will always try to be taking a class or two, even after I finish my degrees. It never hurts to enrich your mind!


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  1. I know you will definitely finish that career. How blessed you are to have Jason to support you through it all!

    By the way, I can't believe how close you're getting... do the doctors think you'll go early?? I know that's what every woman hopes for!

    Confessions From A Working Mom


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