Friday, February 26, 2010

Five Question Friday

It's been a few days since I last posted. We have some visitors in town, so I've been a bit occupado! But, I thought I could ATLEAST play along with Mama M today for 5QF.

Today's questions are:

1. Do you sing karaoke? If so, what is your go to song?

That would be a big, fat N-O! My voice is terrible and meant only to be heard in places where I am alone.. a.k.a. my car and the shower. My sister has even implemented a "NoEmilyPleaseDoNOTSingEVERInPublic" Clause... instead, I am only allowed to "rap" around her!

2. What is your favorite coffee drink?

Well, my favorite coffee spot is Caribou Coffee, but alas they do not exist here in SE Texas. I *heart* their Turtle Mochas though.. Yummy! But, I also love me some Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte lovin' from Starbucks. Mmm!

3. If you could choose your own name, what would it be?

Uhhh... I really do not know. I like my name. It wasn't super popular when I was growing up, but now it's REALLY popular. I'm always turning around in stores and stuff b/c people are always yelling at their little girls.. "Emily! EMILY! Get over here RIGHT NOW!" They're not yelling at me, are they?

4. Were you ever bullied?

Not beaten up or anything. I was made fun of for the gap in my teeth when I was younger... 5 1/2 years of torture, I mean braces later and I'm all fixed up! But, when I was a sweet little first grader at Catholic School I beat up a fourth grade boy for making fun of my sister. The head nun was not very pleased...

5. How often do you eat fast food?

Not too often... once a week maybe? We get pizza pretty frequently, and I used to get a fast food breakfast before work sometimes.. but that's about it.

Okay, all done! Have a great weekend... it should be beautiful weather down here!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Aidan is Two Weeks Old!

I can't believe how fast the time has flown by. Our little man is all ready two weeks old! I've really enjoyed spending so much time with him, although some days (like today!) have been harder than others. It's amazing how much energy it takes to care for a baby. But, I wouldn't change it for the world. I realize how lucky I am to have this special time with Aidan and I am not taking it for granted.
Some new things about Aidan this week are:

* He has gained 19 ounces in 11 days! His pediatrician was very impressed.

* He loves to dance with Daddy. :)

* He lost his umbilical cord on Wednesday. And NO we did NOT save it!

* Aidan enjoys staring at himself in mirrors... he can't get enough of his own cuteness! So vain!

* He went for his first walk on Sunday, accompanied by Mommy, Daddy and Charlie Brown. It was a beautiful sunny, 70 degree weather kinda day.

* We tried out his sling and he loves it! He fell right to sleep snuggled up against Mommy. If you remember, I first tried out the sling on my cat and wrote about in this post.

* Aidan is fascinated by the shadows our living room ceiling fan makes on the ceiling.

* We've been working very hard on breastfeeding and have noticed some great improvements. Hopefully within the next few weeks he'll be breastfeeding exclusively! I'm very happy about this. :)

* He looks more like his Daddy everyday.

* Aidan does not mind being held by different people. He has had a lot of visitors in his short life so far, and isn't bothered by strangers holding him.

* He misses his Gram. (Okay, I'm not sure about this one... but I'd like to think he does. Plus, I sure do miss her!)

Tomorrow night Aidan's Nana and Papa come in from Ohio to visit for a few days. He's excited to meet them! (Okay, so again I'm not sure about this... but who wouldn't want to meet their grandparents?!)


Sunday, February 21, 2010

It seems like only yesterday...

that I graduated High School. That I said goodbye to friends I'd spent minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years with and set out on a new journey. My own journey. Without them.

Now, here we are... 2010. Ten years ago, can it be? TEN YEARS! We're all over the country now. Some of my closest friends, people who I spent minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years with... are strangers now. We said we'd keep in touch, but times change, people change, life changes and goes on.

Granted, there are others. The ones I kept in touch with. Whom I still talk to. Who I may only see once every few years. But the connection is there. It's like we were never apart. Those are the real friendships. The ones you cherish. The ones that are hard to find, but are so worth holding onto.

There are also those who I have recently reconnected with, thanks in part to today's technology. Without facebook and blogging I wouldn't know anything about what is happening in their lives. I have especially enjoyed reconnecting through blogging. Some people who I wasn't even friends with, people with whom I had classes with, or just saw in the hallways are now people who I love to read up on. Their pregnancies, children, jobs, relationships, photographs, day to day lives. I feel connected to them. I love reading the comments they leave me and I love their advice.

And now things are starting to come full circle. Our ten year High School reunion is this year. TEN YEARS! When did we get so old? I've always said that I would not go to my reunion. What was the point, I thought? I keep in touch with the people that I want to... But now, I'm not so sure. Yes, I live 1400 miles away. Yes, it would be an expensive trip home. Yes, we probably don't have the money for it. But, I want to see these ladies. I want to meet their children, see their weight loss successes in person, talk to them about how their pregnancies were, and just connect with them on a level more intimate than a computer screen. I want to hug them and thank them for keeping me company through my pregnancy and for giving me something to read at 1 am when I am up with the baby. I look forward to reading their blogs, to see what they've been up to. I don't think they realize how much I enjoy their company.

So, now the question is... will I go to the reunion? Because after all these are women that I have spent minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and almost a year reading up on... Wouldn't it be nice to see them in person?


This post is dedicated to Melody, Ms. Musings, Tudor Rosy, Tricia, Elizabeth and Carly.

Getting to Know You!

I haven't been able to participate in Keely's Sunday Blog Carnival the last few weekends, so I thought that since it is only 11 pm, I still had some time today! Hop on over to MannLand if you'd like to join in!

Today's questions are:

1. How often to you wash/change your sheets?
Every week or two. Not longer than that. Our animals lay on our bed and the hair would get outta control!

2. When is your birthday?
I am a New Year's baby! Born on January 1st. It's a great birthday- everybody is partying to celebrate me! Er, the New Year... right? My 18th birthday was actually January 1, 2000... crazy, crazy! I was supposed to be born on Christmas day, but came a week late. :)

3. Have you ever met a bloggy friend in real life?
No. A few of the blogs I follow are gals that I went to High School with, so of course I know them. But, otherwise, not so much. I think it would be fun, though!

4. Brad Pitt or George Clooney?
In what regard? I think they are both great actors! But, Brad is definitely the better looker, as long as he is not sporting that creepy beard /goatee thing he's been wearing lately. Eww.

5. If you could change one thing about your body what would it be?
To lose some more weight... like 40 pounds more. I'm on my way. This having a baby thing was the quickest way ever to lose weight!

6. How often do you wash your hair?
I shampoo every other day and condition everyday. Exciting, eh?

7. Do you have pets?
Do you not read my blog? Yes I do! I love my furry children. I have two cats: Starr Kitty (8) and Toby Walnuts (4 1/2) and two dogs: Charlie Brown (3) and Flippy (3). I love them all!

8. How many social networks do you belong to...if you had to give up one what would it be?
Umm... well Facebook, Blogger and Shutterfly... although I'm not sure the last two count. I like them all, so I'm not sure what I'd give up!

Well, I just made it in before midnight! Yay! Here's to a great week ahead. Jason's parents come in on Wednesday to meet their first grandchild. I'm excited to introduce them to Aidan!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just Today

So, originally I was going to write a post about my family and what they mean to me... but I do not have the energy and fear that I will be a sobbing mess by the end of it. So, with that being said I will be writing this post instead. I found this on Mommy Pat's blog and thought I would go ahead and do a "Just Today" post myself.

Outside my window... it is dark, still, silent. The streetlights are glowing and the wind is at a standstill.
The time is... 10:48 pm
Today I feel... drained, overwhelmed, sad, happy. I love my new baby, but I miss my mom who left yesterday. I am homesick for my family in Ohio and overwhelmed at the daunting task of being a mother.
I am thinking... a multitude of different thoughts. There are so many things running through my mind at present that I can't think straight. I worry about Aidan not knowing his family since we live 1400 miles away from them. Should we move back to Ohio so that he does not miss out on that? And so that we will have the support system that we truly need now that we have a child? (I realize this are not realistic thoughts... we have a great life here and Jason has a great job here. Moving back to Ohio and their bad economy wouldn't be the smartest or moves, right?) Will I be able to go back to school and truly focus once Fall semester comes around? Will Aidan ever want to exclusively breastfeed or is he destined to drink my milk out of a bottle? Am I in turn destined to be tied to a breast pump for the next six months? There's more... that's just scratching the surface.
At the moment, I am thankful... to have such wonderful support and help from Jason. He is a wonderful father to Aidan and has been a lifesaver since my mom left. I will be sad when he has to go back to the office on Monday, as that will be my first real day alone with the baby. I am thankful that Aidan was born healthy. I prayed every night that I would have a healthy baby and God answered my prayers. I am thankful to be healthy myself, and that I have been able to lose ALL of my baby weight all ready! I am thankful that my animals have adjusted so well to life with a baby. I was afraid they may protest to be put on the back burner for awhile. I am thankful to have such a loving family and that I know I have their support, even if they are far away. I am thankful for my friend Rhea, who has been a wonderful shoulder to lean on and a great friend who has been able to relate to my new mother situation.
I am going... to be very tired tomorrow. I wish this little man would start sleeping through the night!
I am wearing... gray, preggo pajama pants and a preggo t-shirt that says "baby". They're big, but SOO comfy!
I wish... that I could go back home for the entire summer and spend as much time as possible with our families.
I am reading... not a whole lot right now. Kinda busy. I look at Baby 411 when I need to, but other than that, only blogs when I have a minute.
I am working on... breastfeeding Aidan.
I am hoping... that my "baby blues" sadness and crying fits will end soon.
I am hearing... the dryer running, Aidan cooing, and Yevgeny Plushenko's ice skating music.
Around the house... I have been able to pretty much stay on top of things. I need to clean the master bathroom, but nobody sees that but us, right?
I bet you didn't know... that I am really happy that Jason's parents will be coming to visit us this Wednesday. I'm excited for them to meet Aidan and will be happy for the help!
One of my favorite... things to watch right now is the Olympics. I am so happy that it is on late night so that I have something to watch when I am up with the baby.

I'm off to fold laundry and feed my baby now... Good night!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Poem

We received this from a co-worker of Jason's. I thought it was very touching and wanted to share it.

My Day Old Child

By Carol Lynn Pearson

My day old child lay in my arms,
With my lips against his ear.
I whispered strongly, "How I wish--
I wish that you could hear,

"I've a hundred wonderful things to say,
(a tiny cough and a nod),
hurry, hurry, hurry and grow
So I can tell you about God."

My day-old baby's mouth was still
And my words only tickled his ear,
But a kind of light passed through his eyes,
And I saw this thought appear:

"How I wish I had a voice and words,
I've a hundred things to say.
Before I forget, I'd tell you of God --
I left Him yesterday."


Aidan Is One Week Old!

This past week has flown by. It's unbelievable to us that Aidan is all ready a week old. He surprises us everyday with his new little quirks, personality traits and facial expressions. Here are some highlights of Aidan's first week of life:

* He is a night owl, and has been staying up as late as 5 am- which makes Mommy very tired!

* He is not a fan of the tight swaddle. This little boy loves to stretch out and have his hands up near his face.

* Daddy has become a diaper changing champion and also has been reading to his little man.

* Aidan recognizes our voices and looks up at us when we talk to him.

* He loves music and always looks towards the direction the music is coming from.

* He loves listening to his Gram sing to him.

* I am all ready five pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight!

* He is stubborn like his Mommy- taking the bottle/breast when HE wants it!

* On a rather sad note, he has nipple confusion and we have been having some major problems breastfeeding. It makes me rather upset, as I really want to have this special bond with him. But, we are not giving up and I am hoping that he'll come around. I have to think positive and be happy that atleast he is drinking my breastmilk.

* He is SMELLY! The nurses commented in the hospital that he was the stinkiest baby in the nursery- he is still VERY stinky at home!

* He likes to watch shadows and when there are black/white commercials on TV.

* He is not at all bothered by the dogs and doesn't wake up when they bark or start to play loudly.

* He has his Daddy's eyes and his Mommy's cheeks and BIG feet! The rest is still debatable....

I can't wait to see what next week will bring!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Not Me Monday- Postpartum Edition

Today I'm making a little time to join in on MckMama's Not Me Monday. It seems that I have time to blog at 2:30 am... as this is when my little man decides he wants to be awake!

This past week has been an exhausting one for me... that being said, I have made some "Postpartum Follies", as Jason likes to call them. If you'll remember from some previous posts, I had my share of Pregnancy Follies while pregnant with Aidan. These would include leaving my purse at a restaurant which resulted in us missing a flight home to surprise our families for the weekend, breaking multiple glasses while washing them and leaving the pantry light on constantly, to name a few.

So, that being said, it was NOT me who attempted to do a load of laundry after coming home from the hospital, putting the soap and detergent in the machine and then never starting it. It was NOT Jason who found my sad attempt at housework the next day still in the washing machine.

It was also NOT me who misplaced Jason's house keys after coming home from CVS. It was NOT us who searched the house high and low, with no keys to be found. The keys were NOT found by Jason on Sunday at the bottom of our trash can. Nope, I would NOT have done something so stupid as to throw away his house keys!

And finally, it is NOT my little man who loves to be up in the middle of the night, just like he was in the womb. My sleep schedule is NOT completely out of wack now, with me being unable to sleep at night.

Well, I am going to try and settle this little guy down so we can get some shut eye.

I leave you with one of my favorite pictures of one of his many funny faces...


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day- Ten Things I Love About My Love :)

It's been a few days since I've been able to blog. Things have been pretty crazy around our household since our new little arrival. My mom (Gram) came in from Ohio on Friday evening, just in the nick of time... This new mama needed her own mama's help!

We've been really enjoying these past few days with our little man. Listening to his baby coos, laughing at his funny faces and snuggling him in all of his cute little baby-ness.

Today is our first Valentine's Day as a family. Jason got me a gift card for a well needed (and deserved!) massage and some brand, spankin' new Reef sandals (my favorite!). I got Jason a gift card to PF Chang's so he can go and get some yummy food! Aidan also got his Gram a Valentine's Day gift- dark chocolate truffles and some delicious hot tea varieties.

I was hoping to participate all week in Mama M's Valentine's Extravaganza... but atleast I was able to join in on day one and day seven. So, without further ado....


Ten Things I Love About My Love:

1. His devotion to our family. He never hesitates to show and tell me how much he loves me and it's all ready so evident that he loves Aidan more than he ever thought he would.

2. His subtle sense of humor- this man is always making me laugh!

3. The way that we can both quote movies to each other all of the time... and a lot of times at the same time when we are in a certain situation.

4. His great ability to do home improvements- he is definitely a hand man!

5. His amazing work ethic- he always gets the job done, and does so with determination and hard work.

6. His cooking ability- he can only make a few dishes, but the ones he does make are AWESOME!

7. His cute butt- they look especially good in the jeans I have dubbed his "cute butt jeans"... he was wearing them the night we met and I still LOVE when he puts them on! (Sssh, don't tell him, he'll be mad I put that one in!)

8. His love for all creatures great and small- including our little furry children.

9. His ability to be able to talk to anybody in any type of social situation. He is that guy who can relate to absolutely anyone and never feels out of place.

10. His patience- never does it run out.

All in all, you can see that my man is the best! Yup, the best!

Happy Valentine's Day to everybody!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010



It's a boy! Aidan Charles entered the world on February 8, 2010 at 5:33pm. He weighs 7 lbs, 5 oz and is 21 inches long.

Daddy loves his new baby boy more than words could ever express.

Mama just can't stop smiling!

We love you sweet baby Aidan and are so glad that you have become apart of our family.

I'm so happy that this day has finally arrived... back to time with my family. Oh, and maybe a nap!


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Getting To Know YOU

While I wait for this baby to come, I thought I'd answer some Getting To Know YOU questions for Keely's Sunday Blog Carnival. Go on over to her site and play along if you'd like!

Today's questions are:

1. How many piercings do you have?

I have one in each ear now. I did have two cartilage piercings in my right ear that I loved.. but removed after I felt I got "too old" for them. And, I had to finally remove my belly button ring after getting preggo. It left a lovely scar, let me tell ya!

2. I love the sound of....?

Laughter, my dogs playing, leaves rustling

3. Favorite city?

Oooh, this is a hard one! I've been to a lot... I really love Chicago and NYC, obviously. But, St. Augustine, FL and Savannah, GA are in my top faves as well- historic and beautiful!

4. Colts, Saints or could care less?

I want the Colts! While, it seems that I should be rooting for the Saints (we live in Houston and there are a lot of diehard Saints fans here, they're an underdog team like my hometown Cleveland Browns...), I just love Peyton Manning and the whole team! I'd really like to see them win this one! So, that makes us a house divided today, as Jason is rooting for the Saints. :)

5. Frozen yogurt or ice cream?

Either one, please!

6. Favorite appetizer?

Oooh... I guess it depends where we are. I will go w/ All-American Apps and say: cream cheese stuffed jalapeno poppers, fried pickles and spin/artichoke dip. Yummy, but can we say heart attack?

7. What item in your closet currently make you the happiest?

My heels, which I can hopefully wear again someday soon! I've been able to wear them up until 2 weeks ago. My feet my finally got puffy, so I had to put the girls up on the shelf for awhile. *tear*

8. Favorite facial moisturizer?

Well, I have used Ponds for a LONG time... My Grandma uses it (ha ha!) and so do all of my sisters. So, that's what I use. I like it! :)

Well, that's all for now... Everybody have a great Sunday, and enjoy some good food, friends, commercials and the game, of course! :)


Once upon a time...

Mama M is hosting a whole Valentine's Day Week Extravaganza! I think it's a really cute idea, so I thought I would join in. She even made a sweet little button to celebrate!

She is posting different questions about your love (or your BFF if you haven't found "the one" yet!) for you to blog about. Not a bad idea to celebrate the person whom we care about the most! It starts today and I believe it goes through Sunday, you know the big V-Day! I am assuming she'll link it up so we can see what everybody else has to say about their hunnies!

So, my friends, read on about the rollercoaster that is my love life with Jason! (Not really... no coaster, maybe more like teacups of love? I don't know... anyway...)

Today she is asking:

How did you meet the love of your life?

I have actually posted a small blurb on this before... Here is what I wrote:

"The night that Jason and I met in a bar we talked for a moment and he told me to "stay where I was, he'd be right back". Well, he never came back. I actually had the thought that I should go find him because I never knew "he could be the one". I voiced this to my sister Natalie, who was with me that evening. Mind you, I had just gotten out of a difficult relationship and had gone out that night with no intentions of meeting anybody, let along finding "the ONE". So, I found him later on in the bar, we talked the rest of the night and neither of us ever looked back. I guess my intuition was right. When you know, you know."

I guess I could expand a little bit. I was at the bar for my girlfriend's bachelorette party, he was just hanging out with friends. I was definitely feeling a little good thanks to my good friend Vodka. I've always been a forward kinda gal, so it was no surprise that when he walked by I reached out and grabbed his arm. We talked for a little bit... then he left. When he didn't come back I did, in fact, go and find him. I put my number in his cell phone and he called me the next day. We started spending every day together, completely smitten with each other! Awww.... so sweet! :)

Things moved pretty fast: moved in together, bought a house, adopted a few of our furry children, relocated to Texas, bought another house... and here we are five years later, about to have our first child together. I could not be happier with where my life has taken me. He is a wonderful, intelligent, caring, supportive man and I definitely have the "I do not deserve you" feeling every once and awhile with him. I think that's something a lot of women feel when they really have a fantastic guy that they're attached to!

Granted, just like every relationship we have our ups and downs. But there really, truly aren't very many downs. When we fight it is pretty much me being a brat. I always feel terrible afterwards. Never once has he really yelled at me, or even told me to shut up. He's always so calm and level-headed (must be the engineer in him!) and I am the one who will usually fly off the handle. It's been a wonderful learning experience and has really helped me to become a calmer, more patient individual.

So, there you have it. That's how I met the love of my life.

Don't let anybody tell you that you can't find happiness in a bar! Ha ha!


Friday, February 5, 2010

Just Kidding....

So, early this morning....

It. Happened.

Yes, it did!

I woke up, and my water broke! I mean, judging by the state of things, it definitely broke!

I checked out the clock and it was 3:50 am... I had to know the time because they taught us at our Childbirth Class to know TACO. (Time, Amount, Color, Odor) I didn't want to mess up my TACO!

I got up and went into the bathroom to get a closer look. I had to be sure... and I felt sure that it had!

Man was I excited! Finally!!

So, I wake up Jason... and he bolts upright out of bed.

He starts throwing clothes on, chugs some Listerine and begins to throw all of our hospital stuff in the car.

Meanwhile, I figure out what I want to wear, brush my teeth... and make the bed.

I can't help it! I wanted my bed to be made! Shoot me!

Jason comes back in and sees me making the bed... he cannot believe it! He said that if this was a false alarm, that I'd better not make the bed the next time we have to leave for the hospital! Ha ha!

He then took the dogs out, took the trash to the curb...

And I started putting a few dishes in the dishwasher. I also had a few pans soaking in the sink from dinner that I really wanted to wash before we left.

I thought he might kill me if I did that though. So, as much as it pained me, I left them in the sink.

We put the dogs in their crates and walk out the door. I can tell he is anxious and very excited. I, on the other hand, am cool as a cucumber.

Once in the car I ask if he brought the birthing ball... He forgot it and runs back inside.

We then pull out of the driveway and are a few blocks from the house when he realizes that he forgot his watch. He is upset with himself... I didn't really care!

I tell him it's not a big deal, and we turn back around to get it.

We make it to the hospital in about 20 minutes, not bad!

I waddle into the ER and we wait a few minutes for the nurse from the Maternity Ward to come and get us.

Once up there they make me strip and put on one of those disgraceful hospital gowns. Then I'm strapped up to a fetal monitor, and have the once over done. (i.e. blood pressure, temperature, etc.)

Then the nurse uses this little strip that changes color to see if it actually is my water that broke... the strip says no.


Mind you, I put on one of those giant, industrial sized kotex pads at home before we left, just in case.... I was that certain!

So, she decides to wait another half an hour and check again... still not amniotic fluid.

Turns out it was just a combination of other "fluid", if you will, just not the amniotic type.


We did find out that I have dilated a little more and have been having contractions... but I was sad.

I was really hoping for baby. So was Jason.

So, I get dressed and waddle out of the hospital. By this time it's about 6 am and we're both starving. We stop at Dunkin' Donuts for some bagels and head on home.

No baby. Now we just wait some more....


Five Question Friday

Friday has come.. and still no baby! This has been a pretty good week for me... I'm on maternity leave and haven't really been bored. Which I was very afraid would happen.

Although, I'm getting rather antsy about this baby. Where is it?!

Yes, I'm not due until Sunday, but man are Jason and I ready. I mean, really ready!

Anyway, onto Mama M's Questions for this Friday. If you want to play along, just check out her site, answer the questions and link up!

Without further ado...

1. What are you most afraid of?

Well, I think that most people probably have the same, if not a similar answer to this question. I am afraid of death. But, oddly, not my death. I am afraid of Jason dying. Why? Because he is my soul mate and the person whom I love more than anyone else on this crazy planet. I can't imagine my life without him. It'd be like peanut butter without jelly.. just not right! And, I think he will be the most caring, loving, kind father to our children- and I would hate for them to grow up and not know him the way that I do.

2. Do you use a flat iron or curling iron?

I use a flat iron, but not as much as I should. My hair kinda gets weird, wavy when I get out of the shower. If I don't blow dry it and then straighten it, it doesn't look too great.

3. Hands-free or phone to the ear?

When I know where my hands-free is, I'll use it. Right now.... not a clue!

4. Do you have a matching bedroom set?

We have a GORGEOUS bedroom set that I love! We have a bed, large dresser and one big nightstand. We are getting the TV for our bedroom tomorrow, so we will be relocating the nightstand to a corner where we can see the TV from the bed and plop the TV on top. I have been looking for two new nightstands that we can use... but not having too much luck yet!

5. Do you believe in the paranormal?

Eh, not really. I think ghost stories and haunted houses are cool. I loved touring the Winchester Mystery House when we were in California (If you ever have a chance to go there, I recommend it highly!)... but I'm not sure that I really believe all the hoopla.

Well, back to waiting for baby... :)


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

An unpleasant revelation

This morning as I was lying in bed, snuggling with my puppies, Jason revealed something to me. It is something no woman wants to hear.

Especially a pregnant woman.

He started off with, "So... I didn't sleep very well last night..."

"Why?", I queried.

"Because you were... snoring...", he told me laughingly.

Of course I was appalled! I immediately denied such allegations. Never in my LIFE have I snored! EVER!

Well, the man had proof. He actually recorded me on his Blackberry snoring last night.

I was so embarrassed!

I sounded like a man! A MAN!


Yes, I have been congested lately. And yes, I have read that this happens to some women in their third trimester. But it happened to me! ME!

It's awful. Just awful.

Excuse me while I go buy some breathe right strips....


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kitty Baby

As I mentioned in this post yesterday, I used my cat as my "test baby" in order to see if I was using my new sling properly. He was a pretty good sport about the whole thing, and we even managed to get some pictures of him!

Here are also a few shots of me at 39 weeks. For some reason my eyes are closed in the last picture. I think Jason planned it that way!

To put this into perspective for you... i.e. how big I actually am, my chest size is about a 38DD. My sister-in-law made a good point, finally my chest doesn't look so big! (Thank God!) So, yes, that is a VERY big belly!


Monday, February 1, 2010

Not Me! Monday

This week I'm admitting all of my "Not Me's" with MckMama and everybody else over at her site. Head on over and check out what other people are not doing!

I have NOT been craving chocolate like crazy lately. Not me!

On Saturday I did NOT eat two heath bars by myself in the course of two hours. Why on earth would I want to devour all of that toffee, chocolatey-covered goodness by myself?
Yesterday I did NOT make two dozen Nestle Tollhouse (pronounced Nes-LEE Toll HOOZ, you know like Phoebe says it!) chocolate chip cookies. I then did NOT proceed to eat almost a dozen of them by myself. Oops!

This morning I did NOT get my super cute Peanut Shell sling in the mail. Finally! I did NOT figure out how to use it and then use my cat as my "baby" to make sure that I had it right. He did NOT then proceed to stay in the sling all comfy and cozy for more than 10 minutes!

I am NOT extremely excited to carry my baby around in this adorable sling!

I am NOT loving my maternity leave! After a doctor's appointment this morning I did NOT treat myself to a little trip of browsing at IKEA. I do NOT absolutely love that store! It was NOT nice to be there during the week when it is much less crowded and I can peruse without being mobbed by the 10,000 other people that are usually there on the weekends.

Excuse me while I do NOT treat myself to another yummy cookie....

Happy Monday!



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