Wednesday, February 3, 2010

An unpleasant revelation

This morning as I was lying in bed, snuggling with my puppies, Jason revealed something to me. It is something no woman wants to hear.

Especially a pregnant woman.

He started off with, "So... I didn't sleep very well last night..."

"Why?", I queried.

"Because you were... snoring...", he told me laughingly.

Of course I was appalled! I immediately denied such allegations. Never in my LIFE have I snored! EVER!

Well, the man had proof. He actually recorded me on his Blackberry snoring last night.

I was so embarrassed!

I sounded like a man! A MAN!


Yes, I have been congested lately. And yes, I have read that this happens to some women in their third trimester. But it happened to me! ME!

It's awful. Just awful.

Excuse me while I go buy some breathe right strips....



  1. Oh, sweetie. Don't worry about it! I started snoring like a grown man about 2 weeks ago. I consider it payback for the 5 years I've been sleeping with ear plugs in. ;)

  2. You LITERALLY just had me laughing out loud! Love it!


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