Monday, March 15, 2010

Aidan is 5 Weeks Old!

How time flies. Spring is here and Aidan is all ready 5 weeks old! Here are some new things about our little man:

* Aidan smiles. At mama, daddy, his mobile above his changing table and at himself in mirrors.

* He loves his Bouncer and Play Gym. He is working on the Swing, right now he lasts about 10 minutes in it.

* Aidan is quite the talker. His favorite conversationalist? Himself, of course! He loves to look into mirrors and just babble away. He has also discovered the "I am a very happy baby and therefore must scream" noise and does that as well when he is happy!

* He has discovered how wonderful the outdoors are. Whenever he starts to fuss, I just step outside with him in my arms and he quiets down immediately. He loves to talk naps in my arms outside on our back patio.

* He is very relaxed in the car and in his stroller and will sleep almost the entire time while in both.

* He is almost too big for his newborn onesies! Awww... :(

* Aidan is a spit up King, and spits up after every feeding. It has resulted in about 10 outfit changes a day. Not fun for Mama.

* Loud noises, from the smoke alarm to the dogs incessant barking, do not bother him at all. He can sleep through them... for now!

* He is fascinated by lights and ceiling fans. He will look up the ceiling for long periods of time like he is deep in thought.

* Aidan is becoming much better at night. He will usually sleep 3 to 4 hours at a time. I am very thankful.

* His canine and feline brothers love him very much. They like to sit by him and give him kisses.

* He breastfeeds like a champion- I couldn't be happier about this one.

* Aidan has all ready met two friends, Eston and Hazel. They are both almost 2 years old and I hope one day he will be able to play with them!

* He has discovered his hands and puts them in his mouth when he starts to get hungry.

* This little man is a kicker! Even in the womb he would kick very hard, hence the nickname "Tough Kicks" that his Daddy gave him before he was even born!

* Aidan is very expressive and all ready has many facial expressions. It's so fun to see him react to different things!

* His hair is turning a lighter shade of brown. The hair on top of his head is starting to thin and he is getting the "old man horseshoe" look now!


  1. Aidan is a doll! His horse-shoe hair is adorable. If I end up in Austin, I´m coming to visit you all regularly.


  2. Nana loved seeing all the
    new pictures!


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