Monday, March 29, 2010

Getting to Know You- 3/29/10

Whew! I'm tired. Aidan has been super fussy for the past few nights. He's tired and hungry and needs to spit-up all at the same time. It's been rather challenging to get him calmed down to eat, burp and finally fall asleep. Poor little guy. It leaves me tired and with a headache. It's 12:20 am right now, and I thought I'd answer Keely's questions today to decompress. After this, I'll lie down for a few hours and get some shut eye before the Little Man wakes up for his nighttime feeding.

Today's questions are:

1. Why did you start blogging?

We moved to Texas and I wanted a place to keep family and friends update with our lives. I gave up for awhile, but had a renewed interest over the last year or so. I'm glad, as it's a great way for me to get my thoughts out and to just relax a little bit. I have also discovered so many great blogs that I love to read!

2. Who's the one blog friend that you'd like to meet in "real life?"

Not sure. I would love to meet up with Tricia though, as our babies are only 3 weeks apart. It'd be fun to get together and chat about all things Mommy.

3. Why are you always concerned with losing that "extra 10 pounds" when chances are your husband/boyfriend/friends tell you that you look just fine the way you are?

I'm losing weight for myself. I want to be healthier and in better physical shape. And, who doesn't wanna look good in a swimsuit?!

4. What's one thing that you wish guys could understand about you?

Well, Jason is the only guy that needs to understand me and he does. When I was younger though, I wished guys would understand that I needed my independence.

5. Tattoos. How many do you have and how many are visible when you wear your everyday clothes?

I've got 2. Neither are visible unless I want them to be. :)

6. What was the best year of your life and why?

It's a tie. 2005 because it was the year I met Jason and the year that I became committed to earning my degree. Also 2010 because it was the year Aidan was born!

7. Name three things you would do if you were a man for one day?

Mmm... How about three things I wouldn't do? I wouldn't do housework, make dinner (although I love it... most of the time!) or get up early to feed the baby. Yay!

8 . What's your alcoholic drink of choice that usually raises a few eyebrows?

Well, there's a bar back in Ohio... Brubaker's Pub. For awhile they had these awesome carafes and you could fill them with shots of your choice. People would get them and split them with friends. I used to get them and drink one by myself. Tee hee. I remember the first time Jason and I went out with his friends and I ordered a carafe of Kamikazes. The bartender asked me how many glasses I wanted and I said, "Just one." She couldn't believe it and neither could his buddies! Let's just say those days are long gone. I haven't had a drink in 11 months. I'd be hammered off of half a wine spritzer.

Good night!


  1. Awwwww ... I want to get together, too! FB me and let me know if you're going to the reunion. I think we're going to try if the dates work for us! Hang in there with the fussy episodes ... Norah has been having her moments, too.

  2. So I guess years that are multiple of 5's are good for you? 2005, 2010... I wonder what 2015 has in store for you?


  3. I can't wait to start losing the baby weight! First I need to get this baby OUTTA me though! Due date's a little less than 2 weeks away so hopefully it's sooner than later!
    I started blogging for the same reason...after moving to Texas and being so far from everyone!

    Come on over and Join my Mommy Brain/Mommy Moments McLinky Party

  4. fun post sorry I am late dropping by ....I think it is hard to pick a best year too

  5. Ah, Brubaker's. It's like the unofficial HHS alumni meeting place! My sister loves that my parents' live so close that when she's in town she can just walk there. And then, of course, walk home drunk :-P


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