Monday, March 1, 2010

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood...

Aidan is three weeks old today! He is changing so much all ready and we are really starting to notice his personality and character traits more and more.

Nana and Papa came in from Ohio on Thursday and we all spent a nice, long weekend together. The weather was gorgeous, sunny and 70 on Saturday and Sunday, so we took Aidan out for walks on both days. He slept the whole time, but we know he enjoyed the nice fresh air.

He also had his first REAL bath over the weekend in his Whale-of-a-Tub bathtub! Before that he was just getting "washcloth" baths on the bathroom sink. He likes his tub a lot and doesn't fuss at all while being bathed.

He especially likes it when he gets to be wrapped up in a big, warm towel (with a ducky head!) at the end of his bath.

Nana spent a lot of time holding her new grandson and absolutely loved him. She sang him songs, showed him how to dance the cabbage patch and refrained from branding him with her lipstick!

Papa also loved on our little man, declared him to be perfect (no bias, of course!) and took lots of pictures of him to show family back home.

They left today- we were all sad to see them go. But, we will be able to Skype with them so they can watch as Aidan grows into an even cuter little baby!

Isn't technology great?


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  1. Aiden is a little doll!

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