Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Top 3 Thursday - 4/29/10

If you could be a character from any movie, not the actor/actress but the character, who would it be and which movie would it be from?

This is a toughy. I LOVE movies! We easily own over 100 DVDs... Well, I guess my top 3 would be:

1. Sandra "Templeton" Bloom from Big Fish. Her husband loved her and did everything he could to win her over. Their love was so incredibly strong and they understood each other on a level that most people cannot even fathom having with another human being. Her love for him was so real, she appreciated his stories and the way he saw things. She didn't look at him as someone who told tales, but as someone who had lived an inspired and imaginative life. If only we could all appreciate and accept those in our lives who are out of the ordinary like she did.

2. Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City.
Killer wardrobe? Check.
Great sense of humor? Check.
Sexy husband? Check.
Fantastic city living? Check.
The most faithful of friends? Check.
Yes, she gets screwed over and yes she doesn't make the best decisions... but we all love Carrie. We all relate to Carrie. We all ARE Carrie on some level or another. Who wouldn't want to be her, even for a little bit?

1. I am cheating with this one. My number one choice is actually a favorite series of books that were made into a TV mini-series. I would jump at the chance to be Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables. I love these books. L.M. Montgomery does an amazing job of painting pictures in your mind of what Avonlea and P.E.I. look like. I always imagined the land of my dreams, and the movies made it a reality for me. I think the time period that Anne lives in is a simpler, more exciting time than we live in today. People were much more in touch with nature and did not take the small things for granted. Anne is so fortunate to leave her orphan life behind and embark on a new life in this beautiful place. She is loved, supported and encouraged all throughout her stay at Green Gables by extraordinary characters. Despite being teased about her looks as a youngster (Carrots!) and trying hard to hold back her quick temper (Her tiffs with the over-opinionated Rachel Lynde), who wouldn't envy her happiness, achievements and courage? Also, Gilbert Blythe is quite the catch! This is hands down the character I would like to be, even though I don't have red hair.... :)

If you'd like to play along, just click the button above!

Groovy Lips

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday- 4/27/10

Today's top 2? Your favorite things about summer!

1. I am going to change this a little bit... I don't love a whole lot about summer in Texas. It's way too freakin' hot to do anything down here in the summer. Nobody likes to spend their days dripping in the 120 degree humid weather that is the trademark of Houston summers. So, I'll go back to my days in Ohio. I love Ohio in the summer!The parks, particularly the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and the area Metroparks. There is so much to do. Hiking the trails, swimming in the lakes, taking the dogs for walks by the river, visiting the waterfalls, biking on the old canal trails. Everything is green and alive and beautiful.

Breathtaking, huh?

2. Going on vacation. Our last one was two summers ago right before we moved to Houston. We rented a cabin with friends up in the Smoky Mountains. The views were magnificent and we were able to go white water rafting and horseback riding through the park! Three years before that Jason and I went to Saint Augustine, Florida. We had a wonderful time and spend a good deal of it at the beach. :) This summer our vacation is going to be in Ohio. I don't mind at all. Aidan gets to meet his whole family and it'll be beautiful up there. I"m very excited!

Head on over to Tay's place if you wanna play along!

I'm doing this LATE Monday night because I may not have time tomorrow morning. Aidan and I are going to Mother Goose infant story time at the library in the morning! It's our first attempt so hopefully Aidan has fun and isn't too fussy! It's just for infants, so if he does fuss, I'm sure he won't be the only one! If it goes well I'm hoping it'll be something we can start to do on a weekly basis. I'm excited to see how it goes. Wish us luck! :)

A Day at the Park

Over the weekend we took Aidan to a park near our home. It's a rather large park full of greenery, picnic tables, baseball fields, playgrounds, soccer fields and more. It also has a small "zoo" that you can visit free of charge. They have buffalo, deer, goats, sheep, pigs, emu, owls, peacocks, macaws, and many more birds. There were a lot of people out and about enjoying the beautiful weather we were having! I really enjoy taking Aidan here on walks during the week and it was nice to have Jason join us on this lovely day. Here are some pictures that we took. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Getting To Know You- 4/25/10

Hello, hello! Sunday is coming to a close, so I thought I'd play along with Keely's GTKY and have some fun! You know, try and knock off the sadness of my last post.

1. If you could star in any movie genre what would it be?

Probably a romantic comedy... You know, chick flick style! Or a period piece, ala Pride and Prejudice or Sense and Sensibility. Mr. Darcy anyone? *sigh* Sooo dreamy!

2. Do you recycle?

Always until we moved to Houston! This darn city doesn't have recycling!! It's ridiculous. You'd think that the 4th largest city in the US would have a pretty good recycling program. Not so. We were saving our goods for awhile and then went to a local recycling center to drop them off. They only took paper. No cans or plastic. I couldn't believe it!

3. Have you ever been to a strip club?

Yes. A female one. Not pretty. I swear you could just smell the degredation in the air. I also went to a "male review" one time. It was terrible. Big, sweaty, muscley men in g-strings trying to give you lap dances. Never again.

4. Do you have a nickname?

My dad and Jason call me Emily Lynn. Jason also has about a million nicknames for me.

5. What's a name you can't stand to be called?

Emmy. Just don't do it!

6. What are you summer staples?

Mmm... Windows down, A/c on and radio up! (Hey, it's really hot down here! But, I have to have the windows open!) Clothing wise it's nothing but tank tops and flip flops. Food? Anything on the grill!

7. What was the last thing you bought for yourself?

A cute tank top at Banana Republic a few weeks ago. Today I bought a "rusty" bike plant holder for our front yard and a "rusty" plant stand. Super cute!

8. Are you happy with your boob size?

They are huge since having Aidan!! I am looking forward to the day they shrink back to their normal stage.

I'm off to make breakfast for dinner: apple pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs! My favorite!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sea of heartbreak

I am horrified. Shocked. Disgusted beyond belief.

Why, you ask?

In our local news the past few days has been the story of a young mother (28 years old to be exact, the same as age as I am) who murdered her 2 month old baby (the same age as Aidan).

How? Why? What kind of monster would do such a thing to an innocent babe?

Apparently the woman suffered from depression and bipolar disorder. She also has a 3 year old child. She had been admitted two different times to psychiatric units for her mental problems (including severe PPD) after her first child was born. And then still had another baby. Family members had reported that she felt no bond with her children and they were being raised by their grandparents, with whom the mother, her husband and children were living with.

A few days ago she was taking her baby for a walk. During the walk she stated that two black men got out of their car and took her baby out of his stroller and drove away. She did not know them and had a very vague description of them and their vehicle. After hours 0f police questioning she told them the truth. She led them to the body of her baby boy. He was found face down in mud.


He had been buried alive. She placed her son face down in a muddy stream and then covered his body with more mud. The autopsy revealed that he had mud in his stomach, lungs and airway.

Her family members are shocked. They knew she had problems, but never thought she would resort to this. Why did she never get help? Why did they let her out alone with the baby if they knew that she may harm her children? That she did not know how to care for them?

I am shocked. My heart goes out to this poor, innocent, helpless child. The person who a baby connects with almost immediately after birth is his mother. The one who looks to for nourishment, protection, and love. The person a child should always be able to depend on.

She has hired an attorney. The same attorney who defended Andrea Yates. Remember her? The mother with severe PPD who was not to be left alone with her children. Her husband did not heed the court's strict orders and left her alone with them for half an hour. When he returned home she had drowned all five of her sons. She pled insanity and now spends her days in a mental institution.

Is this insanity? Do these women not realize what they have done? How can this happen? Why is more not done? What can we do to prevent the murder of innocent children by their protectors?

I don't even know what to say.

I just hold Aidan a little tighter everyday now. Perhaps I kiss him more and smile at him a bit longer. I take more naps with him lying soundly asleep on my belly. I deeply breathe in his baby smell. I touch his soft skin more often. I love my child.

I cannot imagine what that family is going through. The pain, the agony. The regret for not seeing the signs of PPD that she displayed before. What were they to do?

Please say a prayer for them and that sweet baby before you go to bed tonight.

And maybe, just maybe spend some more time with your child. Don't take them for granted. You never know what could happen to them.

Friday, April 23, 2010

5QF- 4/23/10

My Little Life

I thought I'd participate in Mama M's Five Question Friday before heading off to Target with Aidan! He is busy talking to his friends on his crib mobile, so I've get a few minutes! Click the button above if you'd like to join in. :)

1. What was the first car you owned?

My first car was the rusty, untrusty Goldie T. She was definitely not a trooper. I received my license in 2000 and my car was a 1989 gold Mercury Tracer. Classy, classy! The alternator died about once a month and I think it was in the shop more than on the road. Being the wannabe hippie that I was, to make up for its problems I decorated my "new" car in all the glory that is the Grateful Dead. Across the back windshield I had large stickers of the bears dancing in line, with a dead head in between. I have a picture somewhere... Oh those where the days! Here's a little sample.

2. What songs are you embarrassed to know the lyrics to?

I don't know. I love all music, so I don't really think it's embarrassing to know the words to songs... Okay, maybe a few boy band tunes I'd be hard pressed to admit knowing the lyrics (and dance moves!) to...

3. Have you ever had stitches?

Yep! When I was 5 I unknowingly stepped on a piece of metal and then walked around all day at the Zoo with it in my foot. Once it was discovered I had to go to the hospital and have them dig it out and stitch me back up. Ow! I also had some lovely stitches from my episiotomy about10 weeks ago. Hands down the most pain I've ever had to deal with.

4. What was your first job?

A lifeguard when I was 15. It was an indoor pool at a private school in my hometown and I hated it. It only lasted a few months, and then I started my "career" at Panera.. until I quit 7 years later.

5. Who is your favorite Sesame Street character?

Awww... I love Sesame Street! My favorite characters from when I was little?

Big Bird, Barkley and Snuffleupagus, of course! Whatever happened to the last two?

Happy weekend! Oh, and happy birthday to my brother Andrew! :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Baby Einstein Surprise!

Tonight we introduced Aidan to Baby Einstein. Well, technically he all ready knows Baby Einstein. He plays with a few of their toys and is familiar with the musical aspect. But, tonight he discovered their DVDs. Awhile back I received a freebie "preview" of the DVD in the mail. It has segments from 3 of the different DVD's for babies. I didn't know if Aidan would be interested or not. It's for 3+ months and he is 10 weeks. He occasionally looks at the TV when it's turned on, but he is definitely not captivated by it. But, we decided to give it a shot.

Jason, him and I cuddled up on the couch and watched as the colorful puppets, nature scenes, babies and toys danced across the screen. Aidan was enthralled. He could not take his eyes away from all of the "action."

He smiled, laughed, cooed, talked, kicked and squealed with delight as the different objects appeared before him. Jason and I could not believe it. He has never taken to something like this before other than his lion mobile over his changing area.

We decided we will watch this with him every night before he goes to bed. We'll incorporate it into his nightly routine. After his bath and before mommy dances and sings him to sleep to the Jewel "Lullaby" CD. (Get it, it's a lifesaver!)

For now we'll put off buying an actual DVD. I don't think he'd be able to sit through it. But, this is just the right length for him- about 15 minutes.

This is one of the things I love best about being a parent. Finding out what excites him, watching him explore new things, and seeing him recognize the familiar.

What a gift.

Top 3 Thursday- 4/22/10

This week's Top 3 Thursday: Your favorite places to shop!

Now... I am not a big shopper, but I do have some places that I frequent regularly. But, there are many times I go, grab a cart or basket, throw items into said cart or basket, and then cannot bring myself to buy these things. I then spend the next 20 minutes putting said items back where they belong. Okay, not always. But, I try!

1. Pier One. I *heart* this store! I love all of the furniture, holiday decorations, pictures and home decorating items they carry. On my "vacation week" before I had Aidan, I dropped by my local store no less than twice. Now, I don't buy from here that often. I keep my eye on their websites for good deals and will peruse the stores for a great find. The one thing I dislike? That you can't order directly from their website!

2. Banana Republic. I am lucky to have an outlet not far from my home. I love their clothes, although the outlet usually carries different items than the regular store. I don't care! On a weekend I can find deals up to 70% off. Right now I'm wearing shorts and a tank from this store. The only downside? Sometimes I have to "dig" to find my size. Yet another good reason to lose that extra weight! (I'm 8 pounds down, in case you're wondering. Yay!)

3. And my all-time favorite store? A place I HAVE to visit atleast once a week or I will go crazy? TARGET! This is my paradise, my heaven. I'm convinced that if I die, I'll be one of the lucky ones who gets to spend the rest of eternity in Target. *sigh* I could go on and on about what I love. But, come on? Who doesn't love this store? Right now I am obsessed with searching their Clearance for cute baby clothes for my Little Man. I love that they carry a bunch of different brands. And, now they are giving you coupons at the check-out! An even better reason to shop here! I swear Target is my new best friend. It calms me after a hectic day, it knows exactly what I need, and it even has a Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce Latte if the need arises. Perfection.

*I would like to give an honorable mention to my good buddy, IKEA. Sorry man, maybe next time?*

Head on over to Confessions From a Working Mom or the Unexperienced Mom if you'd like to play along!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

X is for X-Ray

Well, in approximately 9 hours the Little Man, Jason and I will be heading to the hospital. Aidan's battle: baby vs. spit-up has come to a head and the Pedi has decided he should have an Upper GI Test/XRay done to determine if he has GERD or acid reflux. It seems that up to 50% of children are affected by one or the other. Poor little guy.

After nursing him today, he spit up bright, yellow-colored bile three separate times. I know it causes him pain because he arches his back and screams. I feel so helpless at times like that. I just want to take the pain away from him, but I know that I can't. Instead I just hold him and sing to him to try and comfort him. Afterwards I called the Nurse On-Call Line and they advised me to bring him in. I was able to get into a doctor within the hour and she scheduled us for a test tomorrow morning.

I know he is not going to be too pleased with me. He isn't allowed to eat for five hours before the test. This is going to make him an extremely irritable and hungry little baby. Luckily, the procedure is quick and they usually have results within the hour.

When I was young I also constantly spit up and vomited after eating. My mom says I had an "incompetent sphincter", so hopefully he will have the same or something similar. I grew out of it by the time I was a year old and all was well with me afterwards.

I just don't want Aidan to be in pain. I can't imagine having projectile spit-up/vomit every time after I eat. How awful! I am thankful that this seems to be the worst of his problems thus far. So many parents deal with horrible diseases with their little ones and I pray to God everyday to look after Aidan and to keep him healthy.

When I was pregnant with him people would always ask, "Which do you want a boy or a girl?" My reply, "I don't care as long as the baby is healthy." Thankfully somebody upstairs was listening. What a blessing to give birth to a healthy baby. We're so fortunate.

Wish us luck for Thursday!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesdays- 4/21/10

My sister, best friend and confidant. I miss her more than words can express. I love you, Lady!


You might remember my first Pour Your Heart out post. It took a lot out of me, so this is first time I decided to join in on Shell's Wednesday meme since.

So the thing is...

*deep breath*

I am horrible at keeping in touch with people.

I said it.
It's the truth.

I start a new job, usually really hit it off with a few coworkers... Life happens, directions change and somebody will leave the company, and then I will lose touch with those wonderful people whom I had such great relationships with.

Maybe we see each other a few times afterwards. Drinks on a Friday, a few phone calls here and there. And then... nothing.

I don't know why I do it. It's like I let friendships just slip through my fingers. It's awful. And completely my fault. No one else to blame here.

For instance, a great friend of mine, the lovely Jennifer, and I spoke on the phone yesterday.

It's the first time we've talked since my baby shower.

Which was in November.

Which was five months ago.


We talked for over 2 1/2 hours. It was fantastic!

I never realized how much I missed her until I heard her sweet voice on the other end of the phone. Our friendship is one of comfort. We've known each other for about 4 years. We haven't talked regularly in sometime, yet we can always pick right back up where we left off. I love that about her. About us. We just fit. No need for excuses. We understand that the other is busy and we both would rather trade a phone call for some quality time on the couch every once in awhile. No harm, no foul. Right?

Granted, before our long overdue phone call we played phone tag with each other for awhile... then I had a baby and the phone was a foreign object, one that I hated on most days and barely tolerated on the others. I just didn't want to talk to people. Well, I did. But, those people consisted of my Mom and two of my five sisters. Nobody else made the cut.

The thing is... it's really hard to make friends once you're an adult. And I'm doing a pretty bad job of keeping the ones that I do make.

Think about it. We all meet people at work, school, maybe the gym.. but then we go home and are consumed with our family lives. Those outsiders are forgotten.

Are they not important enough? Or are we too involved in our little cocoons and nests that we block out advances made by those on the outside. The ones trying to get in and invade our little lives?

This whole process has been especially hard for me since I moved here to Houston. I have two very close girlfriends, both of whom I met at my previous job. Neither one of them works there anymore either. But, we have managed to stay in touch and spend time together atleast a few times a month.

I love these two girls and hope to always stay in touch with them. But who is to say that will happen?

I do believe that you meet people at times when you need them. And then when they don't fit into your life anymore, either one or both of you will move on. That's just how life works.

But what about the ones that you just let go of or the ones that are letting go of you? Should you fight for them? Or just cherish the memories?

I've been in the process of joining some Mommy and Me groups in the hopes of meeting some other mothers who I can relate to, women I can click with and who "get me." Afterall, I'm friendly, outgoing and love a good laugh. But, I feel as if I'm almost holding myself back when I meet people these days. As if I'm afraid that if I put me out there all at once I'll scare them away.

What's a gal to do? I guess just suck it up and try to meet some people, right?

"There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship."
~ Saint Thomas Aquinas

Top 2 Tuesday- 4/20/10

I thought I'd participate in Tay's Top 2 Tuesday today (talk about alliteration!) since it's been awhile since I've participated in any meme.

Today's top two? Your favorite 2 items UNDER $15!

Hmm.... tricky, tricky!

1. GAP tank tops! I live near a GAP outlet, so I always stock up on these babies every year. I usually buy atleast 5 of them because they are so comfy and I love that they come in so many colors! And, at the outlet they are usually half off, so I can "steal" them for about 5 bucks. :)

2. Small candles from Yankee Candle Co. Yes, I realize that almost everything in this store is a little pricey... But I cheat! I use a candle warmer, so I don't have to light the candle and I feel it makes the smell last a lot longer! My absolute favorite? Home Sweet Home. Jason's mom buys me one every year for Christmas! :)

Well, I'm off to get my little man ready for a trip to the Zoo. It'll be a beautiful day with 80 degree weather and sunshine, so I just can't resist!


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