Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sea of heartbreak

I am horrified. Shocked. Disgusted beyond belief.

Why, you ask?

In our local news the past few days has been the story of a young mother (28 years old to be exact, the same as age as I am) who murdered her 2 month old baby (the same age as Aidan).

How? Why? What kind of monster would do such a thing to an innocent babe?

Apparently the woman suffered from depression and bipolar disorder. She also has a 3 year old child. She had been admitted two different times to psychiatric units for her mental problems (including severe PPD) after her first child was born. And then still had another baby. Family members had reported that she felt no bond with her children and they were being raised by their grandparents, with whom the mother, her husband and children were living with.

A few days ago she was taking her baby for a walk. During the walk she stated that two black men got out of their car and took her baby out of his stroller and drove away. She did not know them and had a very vague description of them and their vehicle. After hours 0f police questioning she told them the truth. She led them to the body of her baby boy. He was found face down in mud.


He had been buried alive. She placed her son face down in a muddy stream and then covered his body with more mud. The autopsy revealed that he had mud in his stomach, lungs and airway.

Her family members are shocked. They knew she had problems, but never thought she would resort to this. Why did she never get help? Why did they let her out alone with the baby if they knew that she may harm her children? That she did not know how to care for them?

I am shocked. My heart goes out to this poor, innocent, helpless child. The person who a baby connects with almost immediately after birth is his mother. The one who looks to for nourishment, protection, and love. The person a child should always be able to depend on.

She has hired an attorney. The same attorney who defended Andrea Yates. Remember her? The mother with severe PPD who was not to be left alone with her children. Her husband did not heed the court's strict orders and left her alone with them for half an hour. When he returned home she had drowned all five of her sons. She pled insanity and now spends her days in a mental institution.

Is this insanity? Do these women not realize what they have done? How can this happen? Why is more not done? What can we do to prevent the murder of innocent children by their protectors?

I don't even know what to say.

I just hold Aidan a little tighter everyday now. Perhaps I kiss him more and smile at him a bit longer. I take more naps with him lying soundly asleep on my belly. I deeply breathe in his baby smell. I touch his soft skin more often. I love my child.

I cannot imagine what that family is going through. The pain, the agony. The regret for not seeing the signs of PPD that she displayed before. What were they to do?

Please say a prayer for them and that sweet baby before you go to bed tonight.

And maybe, just maybe spend some more time with your child. Don't take them for granted. You never know what could happen to them.


  1. I seen this and cried ...I could not believe it ...I am always in shock when a mom or dad or anyone for that matter can kill a child ... ugh sickening

  2. What a poignant and heartfelt post, Em. Being abroad, I had not heard of this particular case and I was shocked and mortified to read the details just now.

    Sending out a prayer to the family in Texas and a hug to you and Aidan.



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