Monday, April 26, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday- 4/27/10

Today's top 2? Your favorite things about summer!

1. I am going to change this a little bit... I don't love a whole lot about summer in Texas. It's way too freakin' hot to do anything down here in the summer. Nobody likes to spend their days dripping in the 120 degree humid weather that is the trademark of Houston summers. So, I'll go back to my days in Ohio. I love Ohio in the summer!The parks, particularly the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and the area Metroparks. There is so much to do. Hiking the trails, swimming in the lakes, taking the dogs for walks by the river, visiting the waterfalls, biking on the old canal trails. Everything is green and alive and beautiful.

Breathtaking, huh?

2. Going on vacation. Our last one was two summers ago right before we moved to Houston. We rented a cabin with friends up in the Smoky Mountains. The views were magnificent and we were able to go white water rafting and horseback riding through the park! Three years before that Jason and I went to Saint Augustine, Florida. We had a wonderful time and spend a good deal of it at the beach. :) This summer our vacation is going to be in Ohio. I don't mind at all. Aidan gets to meet his whole family and it'll be beautiful up there. I"m very excited!

Head on over to Tay's place if you wanna play along!

I'm doing this LATE Monday night because I may not have time tomorrow morning. Aidan and I are going to Mother Goose infant story time at the library in the morning! It's our first attempt so hopefully Aidan has fun and isn't too fussy! It's just for infants, so if he does fuss, I'm sure he won't be the only one! If it goes well I'm hoping it'll be something we can start to do on a weekly basis. I'm excited to see how it goes. Wish us luck! :)


  1. I totally agree with you summers here in Texas are pretty miserable! I try to stay in water for most of it!

  2. It gets a little toasty here in Nashville too! Love your blog header, too cute!

  3. Haha so true about Houston and hubs are from Houston. Thankfully Dallas is a little better but still pretty bad! Were either under shade or in the water!

  4. I love the warm and I was super mad about our unusually cold winter in Houston ...Sorry you miss Ohio. that water fall is lovely


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