Wednesday, April 21, 2010

X is for X-Ray

Well, in approximately 9 hours the Little Man, Jason and I will be heading to the hospital. Aidan's battle: baby vs. spit-up has come to a head and the Pedi has decided he should have an Upper GI Test/XRay done to determine if he has GERD or acid reflux. It seems that up to 50% of children are affected by one or the other. Poor little guy.

After nursing him today, he spit up bright, yellow-colored bile three separate times. I know it causes him pain because he arches his back and screams. I feel so helpless at times like that. I just want to take the pain away from him, but I know that I can't. Instead I just hold him and sing to him to try and comfort him. Afterwards I called the Nurse On-Call Line and they advised me to bring him in. I was able to get into a doctor within the hour and she scheduled us for a test tomorrow morning.

I know he is not going to be too pleased with me. He isn't allowed to eat for five hours before the test. This is going to make him an extremely irritable and hungry little baby. Luckily, the procedure is quick and they usually have results within the hour.

When I was young I also constantly spit up and vomited after eating. My mom says I had an "incompetent sphincter", so hopefully he will have the same or something similar. I grew out of it by the time I was a year old and all was well with me afterwards.

I just don't want Aidan to be in pain. I can't imagine having projectile spit-up/vomit every time after I eat. How awful! I am thankful that this seems to be the worst of his problems thus far. So many parents deal with horrible diseases with their little ones and I pray to God everyday to look after Aidan and to keep him healthy.

When I was pregnant with him people would always ask, "Which do you want a boy or a girl?" My reply, "I don't care as long as the baby is healthy." Thankfully somebody upstairs was listening. What a blessing to give birth to a healthy baby. We're so fortunate.

Wish us luck for Thursday!

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