Monday, May 3, 2010

Aidan is 12 Weeks Old

I am just amazed as to how fast our weeks go by. Aidan is getting bigger, stronger, very vocal, much more active and alert and is becoming a really fun guy to hang out with! This past weekend was a busy one.

Saturday we met up with our new friends Andrea and Alonso for a mall walk. We had originally intended to go for a walk outside, but with the temperature approaching ninety and the humidity at a whopping 96%, we opted for a walk inside the air conditioned mall! It was the first time we had met, as we had just conversed through emails through our Mommy and Me group forum. We hit it off instantly! Aidan and Alonso are only 10 days apart, are the same weight/height and seem to be reaching milestones around the same time! They are both gorgeous babies, too I might add. :) Andrea is a first-time SAHM like myself and is also not from the Houston area. We walked and talked for 3 hours. It was great! I forgot my camera so I couldn't get pics of the two little guys together! Next time, for sure.

When we got home Aidan and I joined Jason in a trip to the store so he could purchase his birthday presents from his parents- a smoker. Living in Texas has turned him into a barbecue fiend. He lives and breathes for this stuff! He was really excited when a gift card from our local sporting goods store turned up in the mail for him so he could go and buy the smoker. Last night he cured it and we plan on smoking some sausage this coming weekend for his birthday!

Sunday Aidan went to his first birthday party! My good friend Rhea was having a party for her son Eston, who is turning two. Rhea, Eston, Aidan and I all have playdates about once a week, so Aidan gets acquainted with different people on a regular basis. Eston is a sweet, beautiful little boy and I cannot wait until Aidan is old enough to actually play with him. The party was a blast! They had rented an inflatable bounce house/waterslide/pool thing! The kids all had a lot of fun and surprisingly no one was seriously hurt! Aidan slept for awhile, then headed outside to watch all the action. I think he had a good time observing everything and was definitely pooped later on in the evening. There was also a pinata that all the little ones took a smack at and Elmo cupcakes for dessert! It made Jason and I excited for Aidan's first birthday... yea, I know a little ways off, huh?

In the last few weeks Aidan:

* developed even better head coordination

* can sit in his Bumbo chair

* watches Baby Einstein almost every night and gets excited when the little caterpillar comes on the screen b/c he knows that is what he is watching

* screams and vocalizes even more

* sleeps in his crib all night for atleast 8 hours!!

* had to have his little bathtub moved into the big bathtub b/c he wiggles and splashes around so much. He has also figured out how to slide off of his little seat in the tub, so we have to be extra cautious with him now at bathtime

* will sit and read in his Bumbo chair with Daddy

* is not taking very many naps anymore

* has been going out with Mommy a lot to see new places and meet new people

Last weeks storytime was a success. Aidan did get a little fussy towards the end so we had to leave a little early. But, I had decided to make it a monthly thing. Unfortunately the library I took him to does not do story time in May. But I found another library close by that does. So, tomorrow morning we'll head off to storytime again!

This week we also plan on going to GAP so I can buy a new bathing suit. (I have to get a one piece- stupid stretch marks!!!) We also plan on heading out to the Goodwill/thrift stores in the area to look for nightstands I can refinish for our bedroom. Friday is Daddy's birthday and this weekend we are all going to the beach to celebrate! We're also going to try to squeeze another trip to the Zoo in if we have time. :)

I do apologize for not writing as frequently, it's just been busy around these parts! Also, since the Little Man is not napping as frequently it has become harder for me to post. Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere... I just may not be around as much!

I'm off to take Aidan for a walk before it hits 90 degrees today!

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  1. Sounds like Aidan is growing up pretty quickly and becoming 'part of the gang'! How fun. I am so excited for you guys and am glad you are enjoying yourselves despite the scorching weather! Hugs, Cec


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