Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Carb lovers dream!

So, as I mentioned in this post... I really need to cut down on my carbs. They've always been something I've craved. Oh, let's face it... I'd kill for a good loaf of sourdough. There, I said it. It's my weakness.

*le sigh*

Now things have gotten worse! Why, you ask? Well, because I tried one of P Dub's recipes. Actually, I've tried lots of her recipes. But this one takes the cake! I could eat it all day, everyday for the rest of my life. Which probably wouldn't be a very long life if I ate it every day, all day, but I digress.

What did I make last night? What was so delectable that I am making them again for dinner this weekend?

These delectable buttered rosemary rolls. Heaven in your mouth.

We have a HUGE rosemary bush in our backyard that is going to waste. I've only used a few sprigs of it from time to time and I feel bad that I'm not taking advantage of it more. I saw this recipe on her site and decided to give it a go.

Oh. My. Lord.

You must try them! Must. This is an order. They are super simple and SOOO good!

She also has a TON of other recipes of her own and her Tasty Kitchen where readers send in their favorite recipes. It's my new go-to site when I want to try something different for dinner. Seriously, it knocks the socks off of! Give it a shot!

And, just so there's no misunderstanding here... I have no affiliation whatsoever with the Pioneer Woman... I just love her food!

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