Sunday, May 16, 2010

How to spruce things up?

I love our new house here in Houston. I just wish that we were able to decorate it! We literally have no pictures on the walls in the bedrooms and only a few in the living room. Our furniture is sparse and I'm at a crossroads as to what I should do. I'm tired of looking at the same things and would really love to redecorate. I also want to liven things up a little bit with some more colorful furniture/decor items.

Unfortunately our budget is pretty tight at the moment. I've had the idea to shop some goodwill/thrift stores/garage sales for furniture and other odds and ends that I can refinish... I just haven't actually gone out to see what I can find. I think the whole process is rather daunting. I have ideas in my head as to how I want things to look, it just seems a bit overwhelming to actually go through with it.I think I will have to do one room at a time. That way I may be able to handle the overhaul. Because, literally, I want to redo almost all the rooms in our house. That would include: living room, master bedroom, guest bedroom/office, back patio/porch, kitchen/dining area, and a few things to Aidan's room. Whew!

I took a "What's your Decorating personality?" Quiz today. It tells you what your decorating style is. Mine was "cozy casual", which wasn't surprising at all. At the end it gives you some links to stores that suit your decorating style. Of course on the list were Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn. Two stores I love, but cannot afford to shop at. It also listed two stores I'd never heard of, Maine Cottage and Pine Cone Hill.

They both have CUTE stuff! Things I'd love to furnish/decorate my home with. So, I guess I will try to use my favorite places as inspiration for my DIY projects. I actually started something today to add some more color to Aidan's room. I am painting a few wicker items all a "peekaboo" blue color to add accent to his green walls. The items are drying right now, then I will prime and paint them. This week I will also be painting letters that will spell out his name above his crib. Wish me luck!

Have you spruced up your home with some DIY projects? I'd love to see what you've done! And know how you did it... This girl needs some help!

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