Saturday, May 8, 2010

I've rediscovered my balance

The tomorrow that I posted about on Wednesday came and went... as did Friday, then Saturday, Sunday was a blur and now it's Monday morning! Where does the time go?!

I'll be honest.... I was cheating on my blog. Yep. Cheating. With whom? With what, you ask?

A book.

*insert wonderfully pleased sigh here*

It was great. Instead of trying to read all of the posts that are forever clogging up my reader, I read an actual book. A 650+ page book. I loved feeling the weight of it in my hands, the smell of the ink on paper and the feeling of the crisp pages as I turned them, devouring every word. Pure bliss.

I don't know the last time that I actually started and finished a book within a few days. According to this post I wrote awhile back, it's been a long time. I had said that I really wanted to rediscover some old passions of mine. Reading being at the top of my list.

This past week I finally made the time. And it was worth it. I stayed up late at night in bed, flashlight in hand reading voraciously, gobbling up every word as if I were afraid it may disappear if I didn't read fast enough. I couldn't wait until Aidan took his naps so I could pick up where I had left off. For once I didn't try to tidy up, fold laundry, wash the dishes or do any other household chores while he was sleeping. I decided to use those precious minutes to enjoy myself, to lose myself in literature.

I finished my book Sunday morning. I stayed up Saturday night until 2 am reading, and finally decided to get some sleep when I had a mere 50 pages left. It killed me to leave those pages unturned, but I knew I'd regret it when Aidan would awaken at 5:30 for his early morning feeding. I picked up my book Sunday morning around 11 and finished it. And I felt fantastic afterwards.

The book I was reading? Well, it was a novel, but one I had purchased almost two years ago. It is called The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory.

I'm sure you've heard of it and some of you have probably read it, or seen the movie. And I had never even opened it. I didn't have the time. I was constantly reading textbooks and the thought of reading for fun just wasn't appealing to me at that time. I should have read for fun though. I regret that. Reading is an outlet and one I needed to help myself stay sane while my busy life swirled around me.

I never realized how much I missed imagining the characters, their clothing and surroundings. I love painting pictures of books in my head, how the characters spoke, what their facial expressions looked like, what their homes looked like.

Now I know better. I am making it my mission to read a book a week. Which is by no means impressive considering I used to read a book a day and would sometimes be reading upwards of 4 books at once. Not anymore. I want to enjoy one book at a time. I know it will help me to relax, decompress and become an even better mother to my little man. I need my reading time back.

Any suggestions on what I should read next?

*cough* Tudor Rosy HELP! *cough*

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  1. I ***LOVED*** "The Other Boleyn Girl". One of the BEST books I think I've ever read. If you like it, you'll like just about ALL of Philippa Gregory's books!



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