Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday 5- so much to be happy about!

Today I thought I'd jump in on Keely's Thursday Five. You have to write down five things that have made you:

or just good ol' Happy this week!

1. My Grandma got out of the hospital today. She was hospitalized late Sunday evening with some type of infection. She has been on IV Antibiotics for the past four days and they are finally letting her go home today. She is really happy and so am I. I'm so glad that my family is able to take care of her in her times of need. :)

2. I booked my tickets on Tuesday to fly home to Ohio later this month! It will be Aidan's first time in Ohio and there are many, MANY people anxious to meet him. It will be so great to spend 10 days with my family and friends!

3. I went to the library today and checked out 3 books. It's been a few years since I checked out books for anything other than research/report purposes. I'm excited to sit down, relax and delve into some wonderful works of fiction.

4. Aidan now smiles when he sees me after I have been gone/out of his sight for a little bit. I love that he knows who I am and associates me with happiness!

5. And finally, I just found out that I will be in Ohio for my nephew's kindergarten graduation. I have watched this little guy blossom from sweet baby, to incredibly smart toddler to a handsome, curious, intelligent 6 year-old boy. I'm so happy that I will be there to witness his graduation from kindergarten! It means a lot to me.

1 comment:

  1. Love your 5..

    Aidan is so cute..*sigh* I love babies!!

    Thanks for playing girlie!


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