Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday- 5/18/10

Today's 2? .....Two things you want to do before you kick the bucket!

1. Visit Ireland. It's my dream. I know so much about Irish history that I could even bore a history professor within an inch of their life. This little passion of mine has almost become a sick obsession. The myths, the battles, struggles, castles, villages, cities, seashores and wild islands off the coast... Aaahhh... Bliss! And, of course I have to kiss the blarney stone and dip my feet in the Shannon! I know I'll get there one of these days, but when?!

2. Live in Oregon. Portland to be exact. Yea, I know it's cloudy, gray and miserably rainy for a good part of the year. But it's also gorgeous! Jason and I talk about living there every once and awhile... and I'd love to make it a reality one of these days. To live in the beautiful part of our country, so close to the sea, mountains and an abundance of National Parks. I'd be in heaven!

I'm off to meet my friend Andrea and her little guy, Alonso for a walk at the mall. Hopefully I'll burn off some of these carbs I've chowing down on! It's all Pioneer Woman's fault.... More on that later! :)

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