Monday, June 7, 2010

Airport fun, or something like that.

And it's back to reality. Aidan and I returned to our Texas life this past Saturday in the mid-afternoon. We had a wonderful trip to Ohio, introducing him to his great-grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and some friends of ours. I'm homesick all ready and am truly looking forward to visiting again in a month's time.

Now, I would be a liar if I told you I was a bit anxious about embarking on a 3 hour flight alone with an infant. I was terrified! This was my constant cause of stress and fear leading up to our trip. Aidan is a wonderful baby, but I was very concerned that he'd flip out being confined to one space for that period of time with just me and a few toys that I carried on for entertainment. Sure, I was also worried about the possibility of changing a very poopy, explosive diaper in a teeny, tiny bathroom built for oompa loompas and not for harassed mothers with crap on their hands! The thought of my not quite 4-month old crying uncontrollaby for 3 hours with bouts of "I'm-so-upset-but-don't-know-why-therefore-i-am-making-my-face-turn-purple-from-screaming!"was also rather unsettling. But honestly, I could have handled all of that. Those scenarios are nothing compared to my biggest flying fear with my little man. What would that be you're probably wondering? What could be worse than a screaming baby on an airplane? Well, let me paint a little picture for you...

Picture a sweet little baby standing on his Mama's lap on the airplane. He is all smiles, giggles and coos at the passenger next to him who happens to be a self-important businessman, tapping idly away at his laptop, trying to pass the time by working on some report for an upcoming presentation he has to give. This businessman is trying his best to ignore the little baby, as babies disgust him and he doesn't understand how anybody can handle all of that drool. Then suddenly it happens. The sweet little baby leans over towards the businessman and projectile vomits curdled breastmilk all over the laptop, shoes and $500 suit of the businessman. You see this little baby has acid reflux and will projectile vomit without any notice whatsoever. This is how he strikes fear into his mother's heart...

I shudder at this thought. How on Earth do you talk your way out of that scenario?! I think I would probably attempt to jump out that little plane window rather than have to deal with that mess of a situation. Luckily, this did not happen to me. However, the following story did...

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

This is where I will be playing along with MckMama in her Not My Child Monday carnival. I've never had to write one about Aidan.. and I'm sure this will be the first of many!

After we had made our way through Security at the airport on our return flight (thanks to the helpful people at TSA who wouldn't give my mother a pass to come through security and help me with my things since I was a single parent with 2 bags and a baby... anyways...) I stopped to gather my things, put my shoes on and gather my senses. A woman nearby was sitting on a bench nearby and noticed Aidan. She proceeded to point him out to her husband and then tell me what an adorable baby he was. At that point Aidan did NOT decide to vomit all over my sandal-wearing feet in front of this woman and her husband. They then did NOT get up and walk away, clearly disgusted by what he had just done. After cleaning up my feet as best as I could, Aidan and I headed towards our gate which was NOT as far away as humanly possible from security. *sigh* I did NOT get stares from everybody who passed by as I pulled my two bags with one hand and held Aidan with my other. After we finally arrived at our gate, Aidan and I sat down to rest before boarding the plane. He did NOT decide to vomit on my shirt 3 times and explode out of his diaper within 5 minutes while we were waiting. The other passengers did NOT give each other the "Oh shit, I hope I don't have to sit next to that woman and her freaky, vomiting baby on this long-ass flight" look. I did NOT have to leave the gate and find a family bathroom to change my shirt, clean up Aidan and change his extremely, nasty diaper in quickly so that I wouldn't miss our flight. Luckily, I found a bathroom, got us both cleaned up and on the plane in good time.

After that our flight was wonderful, with Aidan behaving like a perfect little gentleman the rest of the time. I don't know how people who travel with children frequently can do it with such ease. I am definitely looking forward to our next trip when I will have Jason with me so that I can avoid things of this nature!

I'm off to bed now. Stay tuned for some stories and pictures of our trip to Ohio!

Good night. :)


  1. You are a braver woman than I. I am leaving Cate with Daddy for 5 days this summer while I visit a friend and some extended family in Arizona. Plus, it would've cost me $350 to bring her since she's 2 now. :-P Glad to hear your trip went well, for the most part.

  2. OH I am so sorry about Aiden's vomit and such ...glad you had a good trip home to visit =)


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