Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Today is only Wednesday and all ready I'm exhausted after the week I've had!

Monday Aidan and I did some major running around. Which included over TWO hours at Home Goods. Why on EARTH have I never been to this store before?! It's deliciously wonderful! I used to tell people that when I died I wanted to go to Target. Oh no no no... NOW I want to go to Home Goods! Heaven. On. Earth. I don't know how Aidan managed not to kill me after spending two hours in there and buying....

one thing.
For a friend's baby.

I was so incredibly overwhelmed that I made a desperate phone call to my girlfriend Jenn, begging her to come down to Texas and decorate my home for me. In the end, I took a bunch of pictures of stuff that I liked, so I could dwell on what to purchase. People were probably wondering who the freak with the camera was. Yep, it was me!

Monday night we went to Aidan's Baptism class. In the midst of complete silence while our presenter was talking about family values, Aidan thought it would be convenient to let rip a magnificently loud fart.


The people in front of us were red-faced with laughter. I couldn't even look at Jason for fear I'd start to laugh uncontrollably!

Tuesday we met our friends Andrea and Alonso for Mother Goose story time at the library. We then went over to their house where Andrea made us a great lunch of sandwiches and chicken noodle soup. Our little guys are only 8 days apart, so it's fun to see them interact together. I'm glad that I've found a friend who has a son my age! She's wonderful and we always have fun together. After our lunch date Aidan and I headed BACK to Home Goods, where I bought some stuff. After I had done my dwelling. This evening Jason had a colleague over for dinner and some basketball watching. We ordered food from my favorite local Italian restaurant and I made some chocolate chip cookies for dessert! Yum-o!

This morning Aidan and I headed out to Babies R Us to buy a breathable bumper for his crib. Somebody got both of their legs stuck in the crib slats last night, so an intervention was in order. I also spent some time playing around with the stuff I bought at Home Goods. I'm trying to make my mantel look pretty. It's not easy!!
This afternoon my wonderfully, pregnant friend Rhea and her little guy Eston came over for lunch. We haven't seen each other in a few weeks and a had a lot to catch up on!

This evening Aidan and I took Starr Kitty to the Vet. The lil' guy has a sinus infection and is one unhappy kitty. Hopefully a round of antibiotics will help it to clear up.


Aren't you tired now? And just think... tomorrow we're meeting friends for coffee and I'm hoping to get my hair done! Who knows what Friday holds?

What a busy bee I've become!

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