Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday Five- 6/17/10

Thursday Five

I haven't jumped on the blog carnival boat in awhile, so I thought I'd join in with Ms. Keely's Thursday Five. All you have to do is post 5 things that have made you...


So, without further ado..

1. Aidan rolled over! Yes he did! He partially attempted it on Monday night. But, last night he produced the real deal! Of course, it was in his crib while he was supposed to be sleeping... details! Jason and I are so proud of our little man. He's growing up so quickly. Next thing we know he'll be driving a car! *tear*

2. I got Jason a rockin' Father's Day gift! I'm uber-excited to give it to him on Sunday. I can't tell what it is though... because there might be the possibility that pigs will fly and Jason will read the blog. Ha!

3. We head home to Ohio in 21 days! This time Jason will be coming with Aidan and I. I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to travel home twice in the past few months. It means so much to me to spend this time with family and friends. And it's great for Aidan to get used to his wild and crazy extended family!

4. I finally feel that I'm starting to get "creative" with my sense of home decorating style. After my recent trip to heaven, I mean Home Goods, I've been playing around with my mantel a lot. Right now I like how I have it set up. Who knows how long I'll keep it this way. But it gives me a sense of accomplishment that I made it look pretty! Well me and the 1000+ blogs I read about home decorating.... :)

5. It's almost the weekend! My week has been pretty busy and social. Not that I don't love running around and spending time with friends. But, I'm definitely looking forward to hanging around the house with my two favorite guys. After I work on Saturday morning, of course! Now, if only it were football season... then my weekend would be perfect.

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  1. woohoo Aiden Rolled over !! How fun he will be on the move in no time


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