Monday, June 28, 2010

Jump Around

Our little man is becoming quite the active wiggle worm. That being said, he is starting to get a little bored with his toys. He's been looking at them for a few months, started picking them up and banging them around and now he enjoys ceremoniously shoving each and every one of them in his mouth. He spreads the love. No toy left behind and all.

But, I notice that he is getting fussy in his bouncer. If he could talk I'm sure he'd say to me, "Mom, it's just not THAT fun anymore!"

So, off Jason and I went. We had a mission in mind. To buy Aidan a jumperoo. You know, an exersaucer without a bottom that he can "jump, jump, jump around" in. We visited three different Target stores. At the third one, a Super Target (HEAVEN!) we finally bought him the jumperoo.

Oh, and a picture I really wanted for our bedroom.
And some new razors for Jason.
And a Father's Day card for my Dad.

Is it possible to actually go into Target and JUST buy what you wanted to go there and get? I really think it's impossible. You always see something else you need!

We were SOO excited to get it home, put it together and let Aidan go crazy. He loves to stand up and squeals with joy when we bounce him around on our laps, so we knew he'd like this.

We placed Aidan inside and....


We think he was a bit overwhelmed. Out of his element, perhaps? That and the fact that his feet didn't touch the ground.


After placing some books under his feet and popping a binkie in his mouth, the little guy was ready to explore.

And explore he did.

Once he realized he could turn in his seat he was sold on his jumperoo!

Aidan's favorite part of his new toy?

Having Mama bounce him in it, of course!

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  1. That first picture is CLASSIC! What a cutie... but I'd be overwhelmed too, with so many bells and whistles. Glad he took to it and is enjoying himself!

    Hugs from Sweden,


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