Thursday, July 29, 2010

Living Room Progress

My first post since returning from Ohio. Whew! I have lots to tell, but first I thought I'd show the progress my living room has made.

Some of you may remember my "Help my living room is awful" post that I wrote a few months back for Amanda's Decorating Dilemmas Party. I received A LOT of extremely helpful comments and took the advice of those lovely commentors.

The room still has a long way to go, but it's slowly getting better. The budget is small right now, so I didn't buy too much, but I did rearrange some furniture, took out the dog crates and well... you'll see!

Before. We had the couch pushed up against the fireplace. I'm still not a big fan of the gray marble, but it definitely looks better now that it isn't being blocked by our couch.

After. The couch is angled and you have a great view of the fireplace. I'm still looking for some items to put on the hearth to make it a true centerpiece for that wall.

Before. The area to the left of the fireplace was being reserved for Jason's fish tank. It looked empty and kinda blah.

After. I moved our big, green chair over to that spot and angled it so that the space is taken up and doesn't look so bare. The wall is still not decorated. Working on it! I am also thinking about putting a small table behind the chair or next to it on the side closest the wall. Thoughts?

Before. What I hated most about our living room was that the first thing you saw when you walked in the front door were our dog crates. We've always crated them and we have nowhere else in the house to put these eyesores.

After. We have decided to put Jason's fish tank here (we bought our first fish this past Sunday, you can see him in the upper right corner of the tank) and the dog crates are now in the garage. The dogs are being put in our 2nd bathroom while we're away. This arrangement works better for everybody! Again, need something for the wall above the tank. Also, new lighting.

Before. The mantel wasn't a very pretty showplace and was cluttered with cards from Mother's Day and Jason's birthday.

After. I have discovered Home Goods! How have I NOT heard of this place before? I feel like I've been deprived for most of my adult life. I bought a few things from Home Goods and shopped the house for the rest. (I have also become that freaky Mom who walks around Home Goods with a camera taking pictures of things she likes... Yep...)

The picture was hanging in our breakfast room, the green vase Jason bought me for our 5 year Anniversary, the shell was in the guest bath and the white jars (I bought 2, one on the other side) were on clearance at HG for $2.00 a piece!

The starfish were hanging around in the guest bath and I cut the plants from our backyard and put them in the dark blue vase.

And finally I took the vase of seashells from the guest bath and bought the cute green candle holder at HG for $4.00. Presto, we have a rejuvenated mantel!

As you can see, I have a ways to go. We need a new ceiling fan, new lighting, new tables and a rug. All in good time! This room is all ready 1,000 times better than it was before!

I leave you with a picture of my beautiful boy! I'll be posting about our trip home soon. :)


  1. Great job! Big difference changing the furniture around, and "house shopping" Smart way to shop too. Saves money. (Don't you hate it when you buy something on sale, or that you love- and it won't work anywhere?)

  2. You've done a really great job! The furniture looks so much better where you've placed it and I love the new mantel accessories. :)

    Thanks so much for linking up with me. Have fun visiting around at the party. :) Don't forget to come leave me a comment about my own Progress this month. ;)

  3. I remember your room from one of Amanda's other parties. The changes you have made really have made a difference in this space. Your room is looking great! I agree with you that a table near the big chair would be handy and would look nice, too. You did a good job on your mantel. Those are so tough to decorate.


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