Monday, August 16, 2010

Food for thought

After we received the heads up from Aidan's Pediatrician this past Tuesday, we started him on *real* food. You know, pureed vegetables... Yum! He was getting pretty good at eating his rice cereal, so we were hoping for an easy transition.

And, let me tell ya, I was ready to try something different. That stupid rice cereal was giving my little man constipation. Not fun for either one of us!

His first taste of the good stuff was pureed organic carrots.

He loves the concept of opening his mouth and having something put into it... He's just not sure what to do after the food is IN his mouth. Ha ha!

It's been almost a week now and Aidan has become a pro. So far he has tried carrots, carrots with blueberries, bananas and sweet potatoes. At the store last night I bought him squash and zucchini that I'll make later this week.

Yes, you read me right. I am making all of his baby food. It's so much cheaper. And it's better for him than the little jarred food. Trust me, it's really easy. I'm not supermom for doing this. I'm frugal mom for doing this!

It takes no time at all. I steam or bake the veggies, puree them in my little food chopper and feed it to my little man! I can make larger batches and freeze the food in ice cube trays, then pop out a cube whenever it's time to eat! Easy peasy.

Oh, and his other new food thing that he is loving? These:

He goes crazy for them! When we ask him if he wants a "puff", he opens his mouth right away so that he can chomp down at it. At first he was a little confused, but now he actually chews them!

Now if only we could get him to get most of the food in his mouth, and not everywhere else....


  1. You'll have to send me some of your favorite combos. I made some of Cate's when she first started food b/c it was summer time and I was at home. When I went back to school though, the jars were just easier. Thankfully, we could afford the Earth's Best Organic at that point so I didn't feel quite as bad since the only ingredients were the fruit or veg and water. I'll be home a little longer with this one and can hopefully make a little more it.

  2. I second Mel - tell us some of your faves! Another new mom and I are going to make our own together and freeze them, like you mentioned. :) We haven't even started rice cereal yet but I think N is ready. I think we'll start with oatmeal first, though. :) We'll see!


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