Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Let's Get Physical

I have been waiting for today for the past few weeks. My Momma's group planned a playdate at The Little Gym, and I have been eagerly awaiting for the moment that we walked through the door!

It was everything I hoped it would be. Fun, fun, FUN!

Nine Mommas and 11 babies showed up for the occasion. (We have 2 sets of twins in our group.)

They had an array of gym equipment and offer classes from infant all the way up through 12 years of age. Our group had arranged to be there at a special reserved time so we'd have the place all to ourselves. The kids were excited and ready to have a good time!

After removing our shoes (barefeet for the little ones and socks for the Mommas), we all sat in a circle on a giant gym mat.

We sang songs, did some stretches and then got to explore the gym before embarking on our next adventure...

A giant blow up bouncy that we all got to sit on while it inflated. The kids got to play with bubbles, silky scarves and each other, while the Mommas chatted.

Aidan got a bubble on his cheek!

He liked the silky scarf!

He got to "wedge" out for a bit on the gym equipment...

And bonded with his buddy, Kayleb.

After that we all had fun playing with the big parachute! We put the babies in the middle and the Mommas walked around the edges and moved the parachute while singing songs! Aidan sat up like a big boy the WHOLE time! No tipping at all! :)

At the end of our playtime the kiddos had the opportunity to play around with some balls!

I know that all of the kids and Mommas had a good time. We will be making this a monthly playdate. Aidan and I can't wait to go back!

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  1. How stinkin' cute is HE?! Adorable. We have good friends who love Little Gym and have both of their kids enrolled in classes there. If we can afford it when N is older, we're going to do it. :)


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