Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Simple Pleasures

I haven't participated in a blog carnival in a LOOONG time... I really liked The Undomestic Momma's topic for Top 2 Tuesday, so I thought I'd play along.

The little things in life are what really matter. Not how much money you make, how perfect your house look, or how thin you are. It's those little things at the end of the day that make life worth living.

My Top 2 Simple Pleasures.

1. Having Aidan fall asleep on me. This used to happen A LOT when he was a newborn. Now it's very rare. I can get him pretty tired, but usually do not let him actually fall asleep on me anymore. I want him to be able to fall asleep on his own in his crib. But there are those few instances (like last night, he woke up screaming from a bad dream) that I let him fall asleep on me. It's pure heaven. I love breathing in his baby scent, hearing his breath begin to steady as he falls into a deeper sleep and listening to his little baby sighs as he drifts off... Perfect!

2. Going for rides in the car. I guess you could compare me to a dog! Ha ha! I just LOVE hopping in the passenger seat and cruising around with my boys. When I was pregnant Jason would take me on car rides all of the time. We'd pack up the dogs and hit the road. I love having the windows down, some Kenny Chesney playing on the radio and just breathing in the smell of nature. (Granted, we have to drive a bit far to find "nature" here in Houston.) We are headed up to Dallas at the end of the week to visit some friends who are expecting their first child any day. Most people would dread that 4-hour car ride, not me!

Some runner-ups:
* Eating ice cream from the carton
* Digging my toes in the sand
* Sitting on the back porch watching the rain fall with Aidan
* Playing with my dogs
* Cuddling with Jason in bed while watching a movie
* Lighting storms
* Finishing a good book, front to back, in one day
* Exploring new places

Have a good one! :)


  1. i love car rides! my husband & i just get in the car and drive around... we pull out a random small town near by.. whip out the gps and go check it out. we discuss moving there, drive around and look at the houses.... eat in a local restaurant.. check out anything we deem interesting... :) its a fun way to spend an afternoon when we don't have anything else going on. our daughter is 6 and she loves it. sometimes we geocache at whatever random place we visit. :)

  2. Great simple pleasures. I'm with you on the car rides. When I first got home from the hospital with Cate (and wasn't allowed to drive), Eric and I would put her in the car in the evenings, hit up the Starbucks drive through (a warm caffeine free vanilla creme for me), and then just drive around. It was wonderful!

  3. Hi - just found your link to your blog from babycenter. Loved your simple pleasures - definitely could relate on quite a few :) Your little boy is just too cute - he is about a month older than my son who was born in March.

    I saw on your babycenter profile you are in Houston - what part? We are on the NW side of town :)



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