Monday, August 2, 2010

Water Baby

One of the fun things we were able to do back in Ohio was attend a pig roast my brother was throwing. This is an annual thing for him and the first time Jason and I have been able to attend. The weather was beautiful all day up until the early evening when it sprinkled for a little bit. Most of my family was able to attend along with many of his friends who brought along their children.

Did I mention that he has an in ground pool? It's also a salt water pool, so no chlorine! Yay!

We were excited to introduce Aidan to a swimming pool for the first time. We decked him out in swim trunks, a long sleeved swim top, swim hat, sunglasses and lots of baby sunscreen! We even held a golf umbrella over him as he splashed around in the water.

At first he wasn't too thrilled. He soon got used to the water (colder than he is used to in the bath) and had a good time. He let us put him in up to his chin and he really seemed to like it. He splashed around and loved watching the other kids play in the water.

Afterwards he dried off in the shade and people watched some more. It was a really nice day and I'm so glad that we were able to get Aidan in the water. It's so hot down here in Texas that I never take him to our community pool.

I'm also glad that he likes that water. This confirms that I will be signing us up for Mommy and Me swim classes in the very near future!

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