Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall wreath tutorial

For awhile I've had this crafty itch. I love reading blogs that have ideas for home decorating and crafts, but I'm always intimidated by them. So, today I challenged myself. I saw this SUPER cute wreath at House of Hepworths. She made it herself, with stuff from the Dollar Tree! I thought, hey I can do THAT!

It incorporates two things I love, buying things on the cheap and Fall decor! (Although, I have given myself orders that I am NOT under any circumstances allowed to take out my Fall decorating bins until my house is in tip top shape, cleaned top to bottom... But this doesn't count, right? Since I made it and nothing came out of the bin... He he..)

So, off Aidan and I went to our local Dollar Tree.

I purchased these items for a mere $8.66. Cha-ching!

You'll need: 3 big leaf picks, 3 small pumpkin picks, 3 small gourd picks, 1 wreath, one small pot with "Fall" flowers.

Oh, and this:

(FYI, I bought this today. I'm a glue gun virgin. Okay, maybe I used one for some Girl Scout craft about 500 years ago, but I've never owned one. I love it!)

And two special helpers.

Start by plugging in your glue gun. While it's warming up begin cutting the leaves off the big picks. I cut them off at the stems, and it seemed to work out just dandy!

You'll have a nice looking pile when you're finished.

Then start gluing the leaves around the wreath base. I tried to space them out as best as I could at the beginning.

It'll start to fill in pretty quickly.

Next I cut the gourds off their stems and glued them to the wreath.

Then I cut those pretty little flowers out of their pot and glued them to various spots.

And here is my finished wreath! Isn't it so purty?

And one more look.

It's giving me some inspiration and confidence to make some more things... I'm thinking I may try out some window mistreatments that the Nester is always writing about....

For some more of my fall decor ideas check out my Fall thrifty finds and my Fall mantel!

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  1. That's so cool! I LOVE the addition of the mini sunflowers in there! I have a place on my apartment door for a wreath and door decorations, but only have one for Valentine's Day and Halloween. Never occurred to me to make my own!

  2. Beautiful! I love that it was under $10 because wreaths I've found at JoAnne's are upwards of $50!

  3. Emily, this looks GREAT! LOL, if "getting the house clean" were one of my requirements to holiday decor, I'm afraid we'd be sadly bereft of any seasonal joy this year!



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