Monday, September 13, 2010

IKEA finds

Last week I decided to go and "browse" IKEA. It's been a long overdue date and I really missed one of my mainest of squeezes. I had received their newest catalog in the mail last month and had been dying to go and check out all of their new stuff! (and perhaps make a purchase or two or three...)
After packing up Aidan in the car we headed off on the 30 minute drive to our Houston area store.

Since it was lunchtime we headed straight for their little restaurant so I could taste some of their Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes and periwinkle jam. Yum!

We then headed to the "showcase" area, to check out all their new deals. Seriously, I love their 430 square foot apartments that they display. How cool! I mean, I could live in one of those!
I also oohed and aahed over some of their great new textiles, lamps and rugs before heading down to the marketplace.


This is what I purchased. Whaddaya think?

The lantern was only $6.99. I filled it with some leftovers from the wreath that I made (for a little more than 8 bucks!) for my front door. The Fall picture next to it is one I snagged up at Home Goods on clearance for $2.00!

I like it, what do you think?

These decorative balls were $7.99 for a package of 8. Exactly what I was looking for to place in this iron fruit dish (Pier One) that I've had on the table in my entryway. I'll think I'll add some gourds to make it feel a little more festive for the season!

A comfy place for my buns while I'm tapping away at the blog. Only $4.99, cute and a perfect fit!

My most expensive purchase of the trip, a woven magazine rack for $19.99. I hated that all of my Coastal Living's were hanging around on the coffee table. Now they have a place of honor in the new rack!

Well, not a bad trip if I do say so myself. Now I'm off to decide what to do with all of my Fall decorations!

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  1. I wish we lived close and then we could have IKEA playdates. :) We have one about 10 minutes from my house.

  2. Great finds. Love your picture and magazine holder.


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